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What Is White Glove Installation?

Here Is What You Need To Know To Help You Decide If This Service Is For You

As you consider bringing an infrared sauna into your home, you may be wondering what white-glove installation is and if you need it. There are several factors and variables that will help determine whether this is a service that you will need.

So, what is white glove installation?

White glove installation includes the services of bringing the infrared sauna into your home or business after delivery,  assembly of the sauna, and clean up of any remaining material afterward. This will allow you to enter your sauna and begin using it right away and receive all the health benefits without any fuss.

There are a variety of compelling reasons why someone would choose white glove installation for their sauna. Below you will find some reasons why white glove installation may be for you as well as what the process entails. 

Who Is White Glove Installation For?

  • Depleted physical strength due to illness
  • Living alone
  • Demanding schedule
  • Larger sauna model
  • Intention to place sauna down or upstairs, or a difficult region of your home or property to access

While it is certainly feasible to assemble a sauna without professional assistance, particularly the smaller models, it is necessary that two able bodied adults be available for fairly heavy lifting. If for any reason the availability of two able bodied adults is not an option, white glove installation may be for you!

Depleted Physical Body:

White glove installation is great for anyone whose body is depleted by illness. Many individuals turning to infrared sauna therapy as a healing modality do so because physical ailments necessitate it. In this case white glove installation of the infrared sauna unit would be ideal for this demographic. 

Living Alone:

It is necessary that two strong able bodied individuals be available for sauna installation. If for whatever reason a friend or helper is not available for the assembly of your sauna, it may be best to use white glove installation. 

Demanding Schedule:

Some individuals have very demanding schedules and it is not feasible to make time for a sauna assembly and installation.

Larger Sauna Models:

While smaller units are lighter and have a more straightforward assembly, larger models, particularly the serenity may be slightly heavier and more complex to assemble. Depending on the individual, and the sauna model additional challenges such as weight and shape may present a slightly more complex assembly. 

Sauna Placement In Your Home:

If you are planning to put your sauna in a basement or up several flights of stairs it may be beneficial to purchase white glove installation and have professionals do the heavy lifting. The placement of your sauna may influence your decision to purchase white glove installation.

What To Expect With White Glove Installation

Delivery of your sauna is separate from white glove installation. When you have your sauna delivered it will be placed outside your door on a palette. Once delivered you will be responsible for bringing it inside your home or business. 

If you choose to purchase white glove installation, a contractor or technician will come to your home and bring the sauna pieces inside to your desired location. They will take the pieces out of the packaging, assemble your sauna to the point that you will be able to simply power on your sauna and begin using it. 

White glove install will clean up any materials that are not used and remove from your property. This service is thorough and great for anyone who does not have physical strength, the time, or who has a difficult to navigate space. 

What Does White Glove Installation Not Include?

  • Electrical Work
  • Foundation Preparation (For example: leveling of outdoor space)
  • Building A Roof For Outdoor Use

While white glove installation is all-inclusive, it does not include any electrical work that may need to occur prior to your sauna install.  For example larger models require a particular type of power outlet. 

Further, as you prepare for the arrival of your sauna, you will want to be sure that a floor space has been made level and cleared. If you are planning to place your sauna outside, white glove installation does not include the clearing and leveling of terrain. 

If you are choosing to place your sauna outside you will need to ensure that the roof of your sauna is protected from moisture; Basic white glove installation will not include any construction of a roof.

Is White Glove Installation For You?

Ultimately the choice to purchase white-glove installation is a personal one and will depend on a variety of factors. If you are able-bodied, have help from a friend, and have purchased a smaller sauna unit, you may choose to install your sauna on your own. 

If there are other variable factors, such as health, or time limitations it may be simpler to purchase white glove installation. Either way, bringing an infrared sauna into your life is sure to enhance your health and overall quality of life!

Saunas, Immunity, Vitamin D & More on Enhancing Your Wellness – An Interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick on the Joe Rogan Experience

The entire Neosauna team is a huge fan of Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s work and has been following her and her team at Found My Fitness for years. If you have not yet heard of Dr. Patrick, we highly encourage you to take a close look at her work. She does a great job of breaking down complex scientific concepts and findings into actionable change you can incorporate into your life to improve your health.

Dr. Patrick’s recent interview on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is worth your time. The amount of health and wellness information that Dr. Patrick shares on this podcast is life-changing.

Enjoy and let us know your feedback!

How Infrared Saunas Boost Your Immune System

Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas: Backed By Science

The average person might assume that people primarily use saunas for relaxation, pleasure or socializing. You may even imagine a group of men in towels sweating out their troubles in a steamy wooden room. And while that image may ring true for some, using a sauna (known as sauna bathing) is linked to a variety of surprising health benefits that are backed by scientific evidence.

Sauna researcher and author Leigh Ann states, “Extensive studies support the many life-changing benefits of sauna use.”

Sauna health benefits include:

  • Alleviation of arthritis, flu, headache and skin diseases[1]
  • Improved Heart Function and “reduction in the risk of vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and neuro-cognitive diseases [2]”
  • Reduced Risk of Stroke. A long-term Finnish study of over 1600 people states that sauna bathing between four to seven times a week reduces risk of stroke [3].
  • Decreased risk of Dementia and Alzheimers Disease: “Sauna bathing, an activity that promotes relaxation and well-being, may be a recommendable intervention to prevent or delay the development of memory diseases in healthy adults. Further study is however needed.[4]”
  • Reduced Inflammation: Chronic inflammation can lead to many diseases, as reported by the Johns Hopkins Health Review[5]. Infrared saunas may reduce systemic inflammation.
  • “Regular sauna bathing reduces the incidence of common colds,” one study explains.
  • Sauna users live longer. “Using the sauna 2-3 times per week was associated with 24% lower all-cause mortality and 4-7 times per week decreased all-cause mortality by 40%” as stated by the JAMA Network Journals (although this has so far only been studied in men)

Regular Sauna Use Improves Immune Function in These Ways

Psychological stress increases risk of acute infectious respiratory illness (such as the common cold). Regular sauna use is associated with a marked reduction in stress and increased relaxation response.

The International Journal of Biometeorology studied rats to determine that far-infrared radiation enhances sleep. “Thus the far-infrared radiation exerted a sleep modulatory effect closely related to the circadian activity-rest cycle.”

Sleep is crucial to good health and immunity. In fact, a study by the Mayo Clinic determined that a lack of sleep can make you sick.

How Sauna Improves Immunity

Heat stress from sauna bathing increases heat shock proteins (HSPs). These HSPs protect against cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and prevent protein aggregation – which is often correlated with disease. Heat stress also triggers your body to turn on genes that protect against DNA damage, loss of immune function, protein and lipid damage, and other age-related stress [6].

“HSPs either exert immune activation as danger signals in cancer immunity and mediate protection against infectious diseases or exhibit regulatory activities in controlling and preventing autoimmunity [7],” As reported by a study by the Department of Hematology and Oncology, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany.

Furthermore, sweating removes toxins from the body. “Sauna increased excretion with sweat fluid of toxic substances (lead, thiuram, captax, sulphenamide C that penetrated the body during work,” as maintained by this study.

How Long Should You Stay In a Sauna?

So how long do you need to stay in a sauna to obtain these immunity-boosting benefits? There’s no need to force yourself to be uncomfortable to reap the benefits of sauna bathing. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends starting with 5 to 15 minutes of sauna bathing for new sauna users.

Many studies indicate that staying in the sauna for a longer duration doesn’t increase the benefits. However, benefits seem to increase the more often you sauna bathe.

Sauna for Stress Reduction

The relationship between stress and sickness has been studied extensively. This study reports that up to 80% of people visit the Doctor for reasons relating to stress.

One particular study about the Effects of Sauna on Psychological States measured participants’ moods using the POMs:Tension–Anxiety, Depression–Dejection, Anger–Hostility, Vigor, Fatigue, and Confusion. The results determined that
Anxiety measures were improved for all participants after sauna use.[8]

Sauna Safety Tips

The following sauna safety tips will help you get the most out of your sauna experience:

  • Before or After your sauna: Don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol leads to dehydration.
  • Start slowly with 5 to 10 minutes of sauna bathing at a time
  • Allow yourself to cool down gradually
  • Stay hydrated: Drink up to 32 ounces of cool water after each sauna session
  • Don’t use the sauna when you’re sick.

When it comes to your immune system, health and overall longevity, sauna bathing has been proven to show incredible benefits.


  6. (Dr. Rhonda Patrick)

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Your Sauna Delivery – What To Expect

Congratulations on choosing to add an infrared sauna to your home!

While you wait for your sauna to arrive, please review the information below so you are prepared to accept your delivery.

Delivery Time

We process orders within 24-48 hours. Once your sauna has left our warehouse you will receive tracking information to keep tabs on your sauna’s progress to your location. You can expect 5-8 business days on the road from the time your sauna leaves our warehouse in San Diego until your delivery appointment is scheduled.

Setting An Appointment

The delivery company will contact you when your sauna has reached your area. They will hold your sauna at the terminal until they are able to contact you and set a date and time for delivery. You must be present to sign for the sauna when it is delivered.

How Your Sauna Will Arrive

Due to the size, fragile nature, and weight of your sauna, it is shipped on an oversized palette. The truck that arrives to deliver the sauna to your home will have a lift gate on it to lower the oversized palette down, and they will use a palette jack to move the palette as one piece (see images below for what you can expect the palette to look like upon arrival).

We request ‘inside delivery’ from the shipper, which means they will push the oversized palette on the palette jack to a secure location like a garage or outdoor place of your choosing (like a covered patio or porch). The delivery company is not responsible for taking the boxes off of the palette, and they are unable to take the freight inside of your home. Please plan accordingly so that the palette can be delivered to a convenient location (a garage is generally best if it is an option for you), protected from the elements, until you are ready to unbox and assemble the sauna.

If you are unable to assemble the sauna yourself, or prefer to have someone else assist with this process, we offer a White Glove Installation service. While we do our best to coordinate for the White Glove team to be onsite the same day as your delivery, this is not always possible. We do, however, guarantee to have your sauna installed within 48 hours of delivery at your location. The White Glove team will unbox your sauna, install the unit and remove the palette/boxes from your location.

Inspect The Boxes

Before you sign the document provided by the delivery company, please inspect the palette and boxes to ensure that there was no damage during shipping. If there is any damage, please note it on the document and let us know right away if you notice any issues with the sauna during installation.

Assembling Your Sauna

Each sauna is expertly crafted for easy assembly, using a simple EZ Lock system. You can visit our Instructions here for detailed information on each model. Due to the weight of the walls of the unit, you will need two people to assemble the sauna. No tools are required.