There Is No Place Like Home:
Benefits Of Using An Infrared Sauna At Home

Wipe the sleep from your eyes, roll out of bed, slip on a comfortable robe, turn your infrared sauna on and you are on your way to radiant health and vitality – all within the comfort and safety of your home. Optimal health and wellness can be achieved within the first few moments of waking.

Use your infrared sauna as often as you like as you bask in the radiant warm hues of infrared light to marinate the body and spark resonate absorption by the cellular network: This dance between infrared light waves and the body’s network creates a cascade of numerous health benefits that are exponentially increased with frequent daily and bi-daily use.

The myriad of health benefits available to an individual engaged in infrared sauna therapy is undeniable. Infrared saunas can be found in many gyms and spas around the world, probably in your own neighborhood. When infrared spas are so readily available in public forms, why would someone choose to use an infrared sauna at home?

There are a variety of compelling scientific, health and economic reasons why it is more beneficial to use an infrared sauna at home. Benefits of regular and routine use of a safe infrared sauna in the comfort of your home are exponential: Convenience, more effective treatment, safety, and deeper states of relaxation (stress response is the leading cause of chronic illness).

A personalized oasis of health is what your time in the infrared sauna will become, as you come to luxuriate in your daily routine. Convenience, quality control of the physical unit, clean environment (no risk of bacterial infections), comfort, and most importantly more frequent use. These are among the primary reasons you would want to have an infrared sauna in your home. Radiant health and wellness can be achieved through the resonant absorption of the warm hues of infrared light emanating from your very own infrared sauna at home.

 Luxuriating within the radiant heat of your infrared sauna at home will save you money, improve your health at faster rates, and provide a safe and clean environment free from harmful bacteria spread within the sound security of an infrared unit in your home. Additionally: it is so much fun!

Frequent And Consistent Use Of Infrared Sauna Therapy Exponentially Augments Health Benefits

Woman in Towel Enjoying the Sauna

Effective infrared sauna treatment requires consistent and frequent sessions. Radiant heat emanating from the wavelengths of near, mid and far infrared spectrum creates resonate absorption into the cellular network of the body. Chronic health conditions disappear and healing of neurological disorders and conditions becomes possible.

Science now understands that the body is composed of 50 trillion cells; each cell has mitochondria, essentially an energy factory. The mitochondria of each individual cell are excited by exposure to infrared wavelengths and it is this excitement that creates the cascade of health benefits with exposure to the infrared light spectrum.

The cellular network of the body is literally being fed through exposure to infrared light therapy. We have kitchens in our home because we need to eat food and we want to have the food easily accessible to us for whenever we become hungry. While we may choose to eat out occasionally, the bulk of our meal consumption happens at home because it is a primordial need for the body: Infrared light therapy is no different for the molecular structure of the body.

The molecular and cellular structure of the body feeds off of infrared light exposure. The entire body wells up with radiant health with infrared sauna therapy. We have showers, toilets, beds, and kitchens in our home because we rely on these amenities daily: Begin to understand infrared light exposure as a daily requirement for your body.

It would be obscene to think that you could go out and shower once a week at a gym! Similarly, as the full absorption of health benefits available to you through infrared light therapy is understood in the light of truth, the necessity to have an infrared sauna in your home becomes as primordial as a shower.

The wealth of health benefits that occur as a result of infrared sauna therapy sessions accumulate over frequent and consistent use. Infrared sauna therapy is not a one shot occasion: Infrared sauna therapy is medicine and like any medicine it requires daily absorption into the body’s physiological network.

Time Of Day Matters: When You Choose To Take Your Infrared Sauna Has An Impact On The Health Benefits Received

Medical professionals claim that benefits from your infrared sauna are maximized by taking your infrared light bath first thing in the morning upon waking and last thing of the day before bed. For this reason alone it is untenable to have to go out to a public venue every time you want to take an infra sauna.

Rolling out of bed, turning your infrared sauna on and drinking your morning beverage while you wait the fifteen minutes for your unit to heat up, is the best way to start your day. Shower off and enter into your day with vibrant and wakeful cells.

Unwind from your day as you sweat away the worries of your contextual life in your warm infrared light bath. From your sauna, to your shower and then into bed without having any transactional interaction is important to a good night’s sleep. By having an infrared sauna in your home you are able to ride the wave of relaxation.

Public venues hosting infrared saunas means that even as you find relaxation in your sauna you will quickly be ushered back into activity as you negotiate the world around you.

Taking an infrared sauna in the morning and evening accentuates the health benefits experienced in the body: Doing this from the comfort of your home also enables you to stay in states of deep relaxation long after you have emerged from your infrared sauna.

Quality Control: Not All Saunas Are Created Equal

Close up of Sauna Bench

Choosing to have an infrared sauna at home allows you to be specific in your selection of the most effective and safe unit. There is great variance in the quality of infrared saunas available on the market. Understanding the different choices available will give you the ability to choose the safest sauna.

Due to the variance in quality and therefore price of infrared saunas means that many commercial businesses offering infrared sauna therapy to their clients choose the most cost effective units. Infrared saunas that are less expensive often use toxic building materials.

As you choose to augment your health through infrared sauna therapy, it is counter productive to sit inside sauna units that are off gassing poisonous substances. Many gyms and spas attempt to increase revenue, while decreasing the cost of equipment to create the greatest profit margin. Chemically treated wood and low-grade glue used to in the construction of the wood parts of an infrared sauna will begin to off gas as the unit is heated.

Your health should not come to you at a potentially lethal cost. Businesses intending to increase revenue by purchasing low-grade infrared saunas and charging high prices for single use sessions are found in gyms and spas all around the world.

Further, EMF (electromagnetic radiance) emissions are higher in cheaply built infrared saunas found in many gyms. Excessive exposure to high levels of EMF emissions has destructive results on your health. Please, be mindful to choose an infrared sauna that is tested for EMF emissions and is willing to make public the results.

Choosing to have an infrared sauna in your home allows you to educate yourself on the different manufacturers of infrared saunas and to select the one that will best serve your health. Ultimately you are the sovereign power over your own health, as you choose to journey through infrared sauna therapy be sure to be thorough in your research and choose the manufacturer that creates saunas using eco-friendly wood and high-grade glue with little to no detectable EMF emissions.

Bringing an infrared sauna into your home will ensure that you have chosen the highest quality unit: This will put the power of your health back into your hands. You do not need to be the victim of businesses trying to create a high profit margin at the cost of your health.

Economic Factor: Save Money With An Infrared Sauna In Your Home

The value of your dollar matters: honor your financial stature by investing in an infrared sauna unit for your home. Many infrared saunas come with a lifetime warranty. This means that it is a one-time investment rather than an ongoing monthly payment.

Effective infrared sauna therapy requires that you are consistent with your use on a daily basis. Boutique spas offering infrared sauna therapy are high expenditures. The amount that you spend on a boutique infrared sauna will cost more over the course of an 18-month period than if you bought a unit with a lifetime warranty for your own home.

Here is a price list from a sample infrared sauna boutique spa:




  5 PACK $149

    10 PACK $249


4X/MONTH $89

8X/MONTH $159


Understanding the importance of frequent infrared sauna use means that you will want to buy a package from a business that will offer you unlimited infrared sauna access. After a year of using an infrared sauna in a boutique spa, for the same price you could invest in an at home unit that will last a lifetime.

Neosauna provides a payment plan for individuals looking to make this one-time investment. This plan allows you to pay for your infrared sauna incrementally over a six-month period.

You will spend less money on your infrared sauna if you invest in a unit for your own home, than you would spend on buying single sessions that inhibit your scheduled use and frequency.

Cleanliness: The Risk Of Bacterial Infection In Public Saunas

Close Up of Bacteria

Naked or mostly naked and sweating is the state of being that you will find yourself inside an infrared sauna. Among many infrared sauna health benefits, infrared sauna therapy induces heavy perspiration that encourages detoxification protocol.

As the body is heated from the inside out, pools of sweat are created on the surface of the bench where you sit and on the floor. Both in private spaces and public ones it is ideal to clean the sauna after each session to prevent mold and bacterial bloom.

There is something irksome about being mostly naked in public environments where other individuals have been sweating profusely. While the same levels of copious sweating will occur in the privacy of your home, only you and family members will be doing the sweating. Further, you will clean the sauna yourself and will know how well it was cleaned.

It is impossible to know that public saunas are being cleaned with healthful cleaning supplies, if they are cleaned at all! Profuse sweating of strangers and sub-standard cleaning methods lends itself to exposure to potentially harmful bacteria.

As you seek optimal health through infrared sauna therapy it is best to avoid public saunas to reduce the risk of harmful bacterial spread and unsafe cleaning practices.

A Comfortable Oasis: The Autonomic Nervous System And Your Health

Chronic stress response is the leading cause of illness today. As infrared light penetrates deeply into the soft tissue, the body is gently coaxed into deep states of relaxation. States of profound relaxation in the body allows for cellular regeneration and rejuvenation to occur.

By installing an infrared sauna into your home you will be more comfortable and therefore more relaxed. Rushing to make a scheduled appointment for your public infrared sauna lends itself to more stress to the body. Disrobing in public arenas behind thinly cloaked small rooms also adds further stress to the body, thus making it more difficult to find and maintain states of relaxation.

Infrared sauna therapy is a personal and private venture: from physical vulnerability in terms of clothing to the vulnerability of opened pours from profuse sweating. It is advantageous to be in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Your infrared sauna at home will become a sanctuary space away from the hustle and bustle of the world where you can fully open up to the possibility and achievement of optimal health. You will want this transformation to occur at home where you feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

Using an infrared sauna at home will ensure the body drops into states of relaxation faster and is able to sustain this state even after exiting the infrared sauna.

The Gift Of Radiant Health And Wellness

Profound transformation occurs in the body with regular infrared sauna use, as the cellular network is uniquely stimulated by the invisible wavelengths. Whether you are treating chronic and life threatening illnesses or just looking to augment health and wellness through infrared sauna therapy you will benefit more from doing this in the comfort of your own home.

Ultimately infrared sauna therapy is a way of life that will be incorporated into your daily routine. It is not a bi-monthly spa treatment or a yearly medical procedure. Infrared wavelengths emanating from the light spectrum feed the body in deeply transformative ways. Bringing an infrared sauna into your home is inviting full throttle health and wellness into your life.

You will want to enter your infrared sauna with as much ease as you would take a shower. Infrared sauna treatment is a daily practice made more practical, safer, and economical by having a unit in your own home.

You have one body, choose to optimize the wellness of your body for a lifetime by investing in a lifetime-guaranteed infrared sauna for your home: You and your body deserve this gift!