Can Saunas Help Chronic Headache Sufferers

Can Saunas Help Chronic Headache Sufferers

Infrared Light Bathing For Headache Relief

Recently, studies suggest that individuals living with chronic cluster headaches, from tension, sinus, and migraines benefit from regular sauna bathing with clinically significant results. Moreover, research suggests that the specific benefits of broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy can greatly reduce the expression of painful and debilitating headaches for individuals who had once experienced episodic chronic cluster headaches.

Everyone at some point in their life will experience some type of pain in the head; at times it can be difficult to describe the discomfort that occurs. There are as many different causes for headaches as there are types of headaches.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, medical professionals are beginning to define the type of headache less, and more recently have begun to diagnose headaches along a continuum:

“Symptoms of headaches fall along a continuum ordered by their characteristics: the occasional tension headache is at one end and the migraine headache is at the other. In between are chronic daily headaches, which can start with features typical of either tension or migraine headache.”

Can Sauna Bathing Really Reduce The Frequency Of Headaches: The Clinical Data

According to a revelatory study conducted by Giresh Kanji and his team of researchers that was published by the US National Institute Of Health (NCBI):

“Regular sauna bathing is a simple, self-directed treatment that is effective for reducing headache pain intensity in CTTH (Chronic tension-like headaches).”

In this study a group of 37 individuals who all suffered with chronic tension headaches, meaning at least 15 episodes of headaches per month, were divided into two groups. The control group was exposed to educational material and advice pertaining to their headaches, while the intervention group received the same advice and attended a sauna regularly over a period of eight weeks.

By the end of the study an assessment was made of both groups, the symptom relief afforded the intervention group was overwhelmingly positive in contrast to the control group that did not participate in regular sauna bathing. The intervention group experienced fewer disturbances in sleep, depression, and painful cluster headaches.

infrared sauna headache help

So, what happens in a sauna to create overwhelmingly positive results for individuals living with chronic headaches?

A cascade of biochemical changes flood the body during sauna bathing, affecting the circulatory system, the autonomic nervous system, brain wave expression, and the cardiovascular system. Understanding the transmutation of physiological expression will reveal the impact that regular heat therapy can have for individuals living with chronic headaches.

Why Does Sauna Bathing Bring Relief To Headache Sufferers: The Cascade Of Biochemical Changes

  •   Improved Circulation
  •   Transference Of The Autonomic Nervous System
  •    Endorphin Secretion
  •   Brain Waves Transfer From High Beta To Alpha

The use of over the counter painkillers to numb headaches is effective in reducing the experience of symptoms, ultimately though, this action does not address underlying issues that may be causing the chronic headaches: Namely, states of stress response.

The atmospheric heat rendered within any type of sauna creates an increase in internal temperatures. As with any heat therapy, heart rate is increased, blood vessels expand, and the brain begins to release endorphins similar to those experienced during moderate exercise. All of these factors render the muscular system of the body relaxed, thereby releasing any tension that may be held, particularly through the jaw, neck, and upper back. As tension is released, so too is the primary cause of tension headaches in many individuals.

Expressed states of physical stress can all be linked back to the autonomic nervous system. When the body is in states of survival, either from external threats emanating from contextual life, pathogens in the air, or from ongoing internal infection, both the body and brain are on high alert. This means that all energy is directed and projected outside of the body to survive, rather than inward toward healing and nourishment. Muscles contract and hug close to the skeletal system, over a prolonged period of time, this action evolves into chronic tension that can be a contributing causative factor in chronic headaches.

If individuals can relax, the autonomic nervous system will transfer back to a parasympathetic state where cellular rejuvenation can occur, and where blood flow is improved. Muscles release their grip on the skeletal structure and tension is eased out from significant muscle groups thus rendering both the muscular and skeletal structure relaxed. Moreover, this state of being has hugely positive effects on brain wave activity.

While resting in the atmospheric heat of a sauna, the body will begin naturally, through no effort, to move back to states of relaxation and regeneration. As this occurs there is a significant change in brain wave activity. In general, as individuals move throughout their day at work, or tending to household demands, the brain is in beta waves, higher activity. This means that energy and perception is directed out of the body, and in general this is an effective state for the brain to be in to accomplish tasks and take in new information.

can infrared sauna help headache

In order to fall asleep brain waves must move from beta, to alpha, to theta, and eventually into delta for deep states of sleep. As the autonomic nervous system relaxes under the influence of heat from the sauna, this influences the brain to drop from beta to alpha waves, as this occurs the muscular system begins to ease into relaxation.

When brain waves are slower, muscles relax, sleep is improved, and headaches begin to express with less and less frequency and intensity. It is imperative for individuals who suffer with chronic headaches to find a means by which to transfer the autonomic nervous system out of stress response back into states of rest and relaxation where full body tension can be released.

Instead of popping over the counter painkillers, individuals who turn to sauna bathing to treat chronic headaches experience, not only temporary symptom relief, but also address the deep underlying issue surrounding headaches: Stress.

Why Choose Broad-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Bathing To Resolve Headaches?

  •      Increased Oxygenation Of The Cells
  •      Improved Neurotransmitter Release (Dopamine, Beta-Endorphins and Serotonin)
  •       Detoxification From Harmful Substances
  •   Release Of Muscular Tension
  •       Deeper States Of Restful Sleep
  •       Natural Opioid

The unique quality and attributes of the infrared spectrum has a strong influence on the workings of the brain and also strongly affects the production of neurotransmitters. The production of dopamine, beta-endorphins, and serotonin is important in treating headaches of all kinds because these neurotransmitters have a natural opioid effect.

With regular exposure to the infrared light spectrum, within the isolated chambers of a sauna, powerfully increases the production of neurotransmitters. Not only, do these mighty brain messengers reduce the experience of pain, they allow for sleep to come with greater ease. Serotonin is necessary for sleep because it is within the pineal gland that serotonin is converted into melatonin. Melatonin allows the body to maintain a natural circadian rhythm. If serotonin levels are low, melatonin levels will be low also and effectively sleep will be disrupted.

Where there is a lack of restful sleep, tension in the body increases and therefore the frequency and intensity of headaches also is augmented.

Toxins existing within the body from heavy metals, lactic acid, to harmful bacterial infection, can cause a stress response that influences the autonomic nervous system. This ultimately keeps the mind on high alert. Infrared sauna therapy increases the internal temperature of the body and this causes a voluminous secretion of perspiration. As pores open up to release sweat, within the sweat is carried many potentially harmful internal toxins. When the body is carrying less of a toxic load, the body will naturally drop back into states of relaxation and therefore headache reduction will follow suit!

Finally, the unique quality of the relationship between the near, mid, and far infrared light serves to activate the mitochondria within every cell of the body, ultimately this serves to oxygenate the blood stream and improve circulation.

With regular infrared sauna bathing, individuals can expect to severely alter their experience of headaches, including the frequency, duration, and intensity.

Regular Infrared Sauna Bathing May Positively Impact Individuals With Chronic Headaches, BUT You Must Hydrate

The positive impact of regular broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy on headaches is truly astounding, however due to the rate of prolific sweating that occurs, these benefits can only be enjoyed if you stay well hydrated.

This means drinking plenty of healthy water before (at least 24 hours prior), during, and after your sauna sessions. It is important to fuel up on water with high mineral content, coconut water, and even some juices lower in sugar.

If the body is not properly hydrated in preparation for sauna bathing, the aim of headache reduction becomes counter intuitive. If you are looking toward sauna bathing as a means to treat chronic headaches be mindful to fuel the body before, during, and after each session with plenty of healthy water.

Find Relief For Chronic Headaches With Regular Infrared Sauna Therapy

Living with chronic headaches are debilitating, painful, and sadly can interfere with the enjoyment of life, as these excruciating symptoms can keep individuals from participating in everyday activities.

Chronic headaches require more than a Band-Aid solution: Headaches occurring regularly are a cry for help from the body. Ultimately finding a solution that addresses the underlying causes of headaches will ensure vitality, health, and well being for individuals over the course of their lifetime.

There is now enough clinically significant data that demonstrates sauna bathing as an effective tool to treat causative factors contributing to chronic headaches.

Take back your life, and bathe yourself in the healing rays of infrared light. Begin to enjoy your career, family, and friends as you carve out a new future unencumbered by the debilitating effects of chronic headaches.


Infrared Sauna Use And Heat Shock Proteins

Infrared Sauna Use And Heat Shock Proteins

Ground Breaking Evidence Suggests That These Small, Yet Mighty Protein Chaperones May Positively Affect Genetic Coding, Immunity, And Longevity

The nexus point of scientific discovery with ancient tradition gives voice and explanation to what our ancestors have known since before recorded history: Exposing the body to extreme temperatures, both high and low, for specific durations of time positively affects health, longevity, and overall wellness. Clinical research into the fields of microbiology, coupled with the advent of technological instruments that allow for the witnessing of the candid musings of cellular life can now explain why humans have turned to heat therapy for millennia.

The discovery of Heat Shock Proteins in the early 1960s explains at the molecular biological level why humans have turned to thermal therapy to purify the body, cleanse the mind, and to find commune with a higher power across time and lands.

Regular use of broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy capitalizes on the radiant heat from these light waves to enhance the production of Heat Shock Proteins, thereby inducing an intracellular community rich in structured proteins and free from harmful free radicals.

The unique qualities of infrared light, when contained in a cabin like structure, magnifies the impact of the physiological response to intentional increases in atmospheric heat to produce Heat Shock Proteins that, ultimately serve all portions of health and wellbeing. From preventing neurological degenerative disease, increasing cardiovascular health, as well as assisting with longer periodic remission of autoimmune disorders, Heat Shock Proteins, though microscopic, can transform the entire physiological expression of individual organisms.

Simple lifestyle adjustments that incorporate regular broad-spectrum infrared sauna use, can transform the internal atmosphere of your own physiology to ensure balance, health, and wellness for a higher quantity and quality of life.

What Are Heat Shock Proteins And What Purpose Do They Serve?

For anyone unfamiliar with molecular biology the mere expression of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs), may seem a little ‘out there’ and irrelevant to our day to day contextual life. In reality, however, these ‘molecular chaperones’ (as they have been nick-named), play an enticing role in maintaining our physical, as well as our emotional health and wellbeing.

Understanding the basic workings of these microscopic protein chaperones will help individuals take appropriate action in their lives to support the excretion of HSPs into the intercellular climate, where they can begin to work their magic!

cold therapy heat shock protein

When thermal stress (higher or lower temperatures than what the given species is normally habituated to) are placed on organisms from fruit flies, tissues, to human beings, something quite extraordinary happens: All of these observed organic structures begin to produce, something medical clinicians and scientists have called, Heat Shock Proteins. When HSPs are created in response to thermal stress in the external environment they produce groundbreaking benefits to the intercellular atmosphere within both small and large organisms.

HSPs are within the family of macromolecular structures, despite their tiny size, their discovery in the early 1960s has opened up wide the doors in the field of genetics, changing forever how the scientific and medical communities view our genetic mapping. HSPs provide an opportunity for each organism to ‘up-regulate’ gene expression. Results in clinical studies of HSPs over the past five decades have been so substantial, that it begs the question:

Is our environment equally important to our genetic make-up as our predetermined genetic coding in relationship to our expressed health and wellness?

Peer reviewed Neuroscience Letters journal by Dr. Miles S. Lyon, and Dr. Carol Milligan, would suggest that an organism’s ability to produce HSPs in response to thermal stress initiates the adaptive capability of intercellular communities to find homeostasis within, and ultimately find victory over neurologically degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’, ALS, and Parkinson’s Disease:

As such, the delivery of exogenous HSPs and the in-creased secretion of HSPs by surrounding cells have suggested a therapeutic approach to treating neurodegenerative disease indicating that the availability of HSP 110 may be a necessary and crucial factor in using the HSPs as intracellular therapeutic modulator for neurodegenerative disease”

A seemingly bold observation, however these findings are based on sound clinical database. Known vernacularly as ‘molecular chaperones’, HSPs ensure that proteins maintain the integrity of shape, size, and movement within neurological structures.

So, what exactly is a Heat Shock Protein?

There are many different classifications of HSPs (all of which are classified by their molecular weight and their specific intracellular functions), there are far too many to name for the purposes of this article, however all of them are referred to as ‘molecular chaperones’, because they serve to re-stabilize, re-organize, and rejuvenate intercellular order. Considering HSPs as chaperones makes sense, because in very lay terms, they serve to escort the subcellular translocation of proteins.

HSPs play an essential role in maintaining the efficacy of any system or systems of organisms. An increase in HSPs within human physiology has demonstrated to aid in the prevention of serious neurological conditions, as well as other chronic autoimmune disorders.

With this information in mind the goal, then becomes how can we create more of these small, yet mighty protein escorts?

HSPs are created when organisms are subjected to fluctuations of temperatures extreme enough to move beyond habituated temperature.

infrared sauna heat shock protein

While, the term ‘Heat Shock Proteins’ was originally given to these molecular guardians based on the original experiments involving higher external heat in the early 1960s, in fact, cells begin to excrete an increase in this variety of protein escorts while under cold duress as well as heat.

All organisms, humans included, benefit from the increased secretion of HSPs in fascinating and elaborate ways.

Health Benefits From Increased Heat Shock Proteins In The Body:

·      Reparation of Mis-folded And Damaged Proteins

·      Increased Immune Response

·      Reduction Of Free Radicals

·      Faster Muscle Recovery

·       Reduction Of The Biological Expression Of Age

·      Contributing Factor In The Prevention Of Neurological Degenerative Disease

A tall order of potential health benefits results from increasing the cadence and volume of HSP production from within the cellular structure into intercellular communities. The health and well being of human physiology depends upon the maintenance of the three-dimensional quality of proteins. When proteins lose the integrity of their shape or linger between cells without direction, the negative health consequences are extreme.

Consider a bus full of thirty young school age children off on an adventurous field trip on a cold February day. If there is one adult chaperone for the children, some order will be maintained, but ensuring that all the winter coats are zipped up, mittens put on, hats tied and so forth would be difficult. Add three more adults and suddenly many more of the children are specifically cared for and winter garments are secured into position with greater ease and more children protected from the cold. Imagine, then if there was one adult chaperone per child, then all jackets are zipped up, mittens on, and all children protected from the cold! HSPs play a very similar role within human physiology with respect to their function as molecular chaperones:  To ensure that proteins and peptides maintain their shape and purpose.

All portions of health and wellness are improved when the quantity of HSP production is increased:

So, what can we do to increase the quantity and regular secretion of HSPs into our body?

Gratefully, today is the best time in history to make lifestyle choices that support the production of HSPs in the body: Among the most effective tools available today is broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy.

Tools To Increase Heat Shock Proteins In The Body: The Ancient Tradition Of Thermal Therapy

Our ancestors have been creating and turning to various forms of thermal therapy throughout the ages. While the structures and type of heat used for the purposes of thermal therapy units have varied throughout history, their basic innate purpose has remained the same. From Native American sweat lodges, Turkish Hammans, traditional Finnish saunas, Japanese hot spring baths and to the most recent evolution in heat therapy, the infrared sauna, all provide an opportunity to expose the body to increased external heat for specific periods of time. The regular use of any of the above mentioned models of thermal therapy would enhance the production of HSPs. 

hot springs heat shock protein

With a variety of tools available to intentionally increase external heat and therefore the production of HSPs, why choose broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy?

Broad-spectrum infrared light saunas provide the same benefits as most traditional models of heat therapy, but because the source of heat is radiant, the cascade of health benefits derived from the cellular response to the light waves is exponential.

Why Is Infrared Sauna Therapy The Number One Choice To Enhance Heat Shock Protein Production?

The very specific effects of the infrared light spectrum on human biology compound the positive effects of increasing the supply of HSPs. Namely, the unique cellular response to the infrared wavelengths enhances the oxygenation of the blood stream and when this is married with increased HSPs biological magic occurs.

While there are many tools to enlist in an effort to create a body ripe with HSPs, including plunging into frigid external temperatures, what is so special about broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy?

Yes, HSPs will increase during any thermal therapy session, but what makes infrared light exposure unique in its purpose is the relationship between these light wavelengths and cellular composition and mechanism of the human body.

Human physiology is made up of over fifty trillion cells; each home to ‘energy plants’ called mitochondria. As the radiant rays of infrared light are absorbed beyond and past the initial epidermis, the mitochondria become more active: The effect of the infrared light waves on these ‘energy plants’ is to create nitric acid that aids in the oxygenation of the blood stream, as well as improved movement of circulation.

The coupling of enhanced nitric acid production from the mitochondria along side the improved secretion of HSPs positively affects the quality of intercellular function to mega proportions. The resounding cascade of health benefits derived from exposure to infrared light waves including the oxygenation of the bloodstream and the production of HSPs provides the experience of health and wellness unparalleled by any other thermal therapy model.

Broad-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy: An Easy To Use And Practical Means To Create More Heat Shock Proteins In The Body

In addition to the very specific microbiological reaction to the infrared light spectrum, this technology is practical and easy to use. Unlike other thermal therapy options, broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy can easily be done within the comfort of your own home with little to no maintenance.

Distinguished from steam rooms, sweat lodges, traditional Finnish saunas, the infrared sauna is literally a flick of a switch away, a simple appliance within the home space, yet equally able to induce an increase in HSPs in your body. Infrared saunas are both inexpensive to run, easy to clean and maintain.

The complexities of molecular occurrences in the body can be difficult to cognitively imagine, however, understanding the profound impact that molecular chaperones, HSPs have on overall well being, when acted upon may increase the longevity and quality of life for many. The simplicity, safety, and availability of broad-spectrum infrared sauna use, makes this modality of heat therapy the number one option to increase the production of Heat Shock Proteins in the body today!


Infrared Sauna Benefits For Individuals With Chronic Heart Failure

Infrared Sauna Benefits For Individuals With Chronic Heart Failure

Clinical Data Reveals Astonishing Benefits For Patients Living With CHF 

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Chronic Heart Failure is the leading cause of hospitalization in America, and yet recent clinical studies demonstrate that with some lifestyle adjustments, including regular broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy sessions, this number could be greatly reduced. For individuals living with prohibitive symptoms from this condition, infrared sauna therapy is an effortless and relaxing means to demonstrate astounding results on the quality and longevity of life.

Habitually, the thought of any heat therapy, from hot tubs to saunas seems almost synonymous with a contraindication for individuals living with heart conditions, yet the advent of extensive research into the fields of near, mid, and far infrared light in relationship to heart health, suggests quite the opposite.

As with beginning any new health program it is always best to consult with a medical physician, if you or someone close to you, lives with any heart condition. Understanding the relationship between heart health and infrared light creates groundbreaking possibilities for a very positive future for individuals living with chronic heart failure.

Creating positive changes to the circulatory system, reducing blood pressure, and allowing the autonomic nervous system to find homeostasis, while reducing stress, are just some of the cascade of health benefits afforded individuals who partake in regular broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy. These benefits ultimately impact the health of the heart in unforeseen ways!

What Is Chronic Heart Failure?: Beyond The Vernacular

Chronic heart failure, despite the label, does not mean that the heart has stopped working, but rather that it functions less efficiently. Over time this chronic condition can become lethal. There are varying causes for heart failure, and the spectrum of expression is broad, with most diagnosis being symptom based.

Chronic heart failure, as it is commonly referred to, has been clinically named Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). This progressive condition deteriorates the ‘pumping’ mechanism of the heart as fluid begins to build up around the heart causing an inefficient distribution of blood throughout the body.

The onset of CHF can take many years to express fully: It may begin simply as hypertension (high blood pressure) and progress rapidly or slowly over the years if lifestyle measures are not taken to ensure the health of the heart and circulatory system. 

The heart as an organ is divided into four primary sections: The upper portion of the heart has two atria, while the lower section has two ventricles. The ventricles are responsible for pumping blood to the body’s tissues, organs, and far extremities while the atria act as the receivers of blood from the body into the heart as it circulates back into the heart. Every hour, the heart pumps 280 liters of blood throughout the circulatory system and therefore life itself depends on the efficient functioning of the atria and ventricles.

CHF develops when the ventricles, in the lower half of the heart cannot pump enough blood out to the rest of the body.  This causes blood and other fluids to back up into the heart. Essentially, one can imagine that when the ventricles are not pumping efficiently the heart becomes blocked, like a great lake, eventually if the dam is not lifted, flooding will occur on to the dry lands.

The treatment of Congestive Heart Failure then becomes a matter of ensuring the proper high function of the ventricles to overt blockage from blood leaving the heart to the rest of the body.

Clinical research suggests that lifestyle changes that are inclusive to models of heat therapy may help to reduce the acceleration of the progressive disorder of ‘chronic heart failure’, by improving the natural flow of circulation through the body, relaxing the central nervous system, and increasing vasodilation (widening of blood cells). Scientific data is now reflecting that the specific exposure to broad-spectrum infrared light therapy may positively impact the lives of those who suffer with CHF.

Congestive heart failure affects a wide spectrum of the demographic, and because of the degenerative quality of the disorder it can be a frightening diagnosis to receive. Gratefully, there are accessible lifestyle changes that can have an immediate and significant impact on patients with this condition.

Who is affected by Congestive Heart Failure?

Congestive Heart Failure affects individuals of all ages and genders, with nearly 5 million Americans living with the condition today. The percentage of individuals living with CHF increases significantly after the age of 60, and on average 550 000 new cases are diagnosed in the US each year. Unfortunately, this degenerative condition is fatal, and nearly half of all diagnosed cases lose their life within the first five years. The rate of sudden death amongst individuals living with CHF is exponentially increased compared to those living free of this condition.

According to the New York Heart Association, medical physicians typically classify the progressive condition of CHF based on symptom expression, the early stages express little to no symptoms, but as the condition progresses patients may be short of breath even as they rest.

In short, CHF is a serious condition that requires immediate attention and action in order to maintain the health of the heart and overall all wellbeing. Fortunately, lifestyle is a major component in treating heart conditions from hypertension all the way through the late stages of CHF.

According to the University Of California San Francisco Health Journal, individuals living with this condition now have significant options available to make necessary daily changes in habit to reverse some of, if not all damage done to the heart through excessive congestion in the lower chambers:

“Although heart failure is a serious condition that progressively gets worse over time, certain cases can be reversed with treatment. Even when the heart muscle is impaired, there are a number of treatments that can relieve symptoms and stop or slow the gradual worsening of the condition.” 

Infrared Sauna Benefits For Individuals With Chronic Heart Failure

Treatment options vary significantly depending on the stage of development and cause of CHF, ranging from, lifestyle changes, medications, and surgery. The goal of any treatment plan is to:

·      Relieve Symptoms

·      Improve Quality Of Life

·      Reduce Rates Of Hospitalization

·      Increase Longevity

If you or someone you love is suffering from CHF, you will need to establish a treatment plan with your medical physician based on the specific factors involved with individual cases. You and your doctor will determine whether surgery or medication is necessary.

infrared sauna chronic heart failure

With respect to lifestyle changes, the goal with making these daily adjustments is to improve the health of the heart by means of the following subsidiary goals:

·      Stabilize Weight

·      Improve Circulation

·      Increase Oxygenation Of The Blood Stream

·      Moderate Exercise

·      Stress Reduction

·      Detoxification Of The Body (From Harmful substances, pathogens, and metals)

To achieve these goals there are many options available to individuals: Some changes in lifestyle are prohibitive to individuals living with CHF, however recent studies demonstrate conclusive evidence that exposure to infrared light therapy within the chamber of a sauna can render the achievement of the above stated goals possible.

Infrared Sauna Benefits For Individuals With Chronic Heart Failure

Daily stress reduction has a resounding and positive impact on the health of the heart: The stability of the central nervous system directly impacts the health of the heart.

The autonomic nervous system can be divided into two distinct states of being: Sympathetic dominance, associated with survival and stress response, increased blood pressure, while releasing a variety of ‘stress’ hormones from the endocrine system. Ideally, stress response is an adaptive mechanism that ensures the survival of the species: When our ancestors were faced with a very real threat to life, the entire body was harnessed into states of stress response to fight or flee the situation. Once safety from the external threat was found the autonomic nervous system would naturally flow back into parasympathetic dominance where growth, cellular rejuvenation, and nourishment could occur.

A significant causative contributing factor in the development of CHF is the body’s inability to successfully achieve homeostasis of the autonomic nervous system. When individuals find themselves in states of survival more often than not through modern living, an enormous amount of stress is placed on the heart. Ultimately, blood pressure is increased and patients can become progressively ill with chronic heart failure.

So, what can be done to foster the health of the autonomic nervous system and ensure that individuals can drop back into states of intentional relaxation where heart rate can resume a healthy cadence?

From breathing exercises to meditation; the holistic field of health care is ripe with opportunity. If, however, time is limited, and patients suffering from CHF are looking for ways to reduce stress quickly and effectively without learning the ways of the yogi or the monk, then regular infrared sauna therapy is a powerful option to explore.

Unlike other modalities of heat therapy such as steam rooms, traditional saunas, and hot springs, which can be prohibitive to individuals suffering with heart issues, infrared saunas do not rely on a high external temperature to produce positive results.

As the body relaxes under the rays of the infrared spectrum the autonomic nervous system effortlessly retracts away from stress response back into states of regeneration and nourishment. When the body is relaxed, the health benefits to the heart are exceptional: Broadening the entryways of blood flowing in and out of the heart and therefore healing congestion in the lower chambers of the heart, known as the ventricles.

Relaxation is not a luxury for individuals living with CHF, but rather an imperative means to heal the heart. Regular exposure to broad-spectrum infrared light reduces the expression of symptoms, and maintains the life expectancy for patients living with CHF.

Broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy is a safe and effective means to reduce stress, and not only does the autonomic nervous system benefit, but all portions of cardiac and circulatory health are enhanced with regular sessions!

Infrared Sauna Benefits For Individuals With Chronic Heart Failure

The elephant in the room: Typical contraindication surrounding any model of heat therapy suggests that individuals suffering with heart conditions should consult a medical professional before partaking in the activity. It may seem surprising that recent studies suggest that regular exposure to broad-spectrum infrared light will actually assist in symptom reduction for individuals living with CHF.

doctor recommends infrared sauna

Dr. Richard Beever from the Canadian College Of Family Physicians Official Publication has written extensively on the health benefits afforded patients living with CHF with regular infrared sauna therapy.

The publication by Dr. Beever tells of several case studies performed on subjects living with CHF: The results are considered to be clinically relevant.

As performed by the New York Heart Association (NYHA), 30 subjects living with CHF were divided into two separate groups. The control group took 10-15 minute far infrared saunas over a two-week period, in contrast, the other group was asked to simply ‘relax’ for the same duration and episodic frequency as the first group.

The results from this study were astounding. The control group partaking in regular infrared sauna therapy demonstrated symptom reduction, as well as measurable lab results suggesting a significant decrease in the blockage of the lower chamber of the heart space. In greater detail, Dr. Richard Beever tells of the results of this study:

“The authors concluded that FIRS (*far infrared sauna) treatment improved cardiac function and clinical symptoms in those with CHF and that this improvement was the result of improved vascular endothelial function. Further, before study entry all subjects were in stable clinical condition for at least 1 month, medications had not been changed for a t least 2 weeks, and adverse events were defined (dyspnea, angina pectoris, palpitations, hypotension, or dehydration).

Several other studies have also demonstrated clinically relevant results for individuals living with Level I and II CHF and the reduction of their symptom demonstration.

(Please note, that these studies were not conducted on individuals living with the later stages of the condition.)

So, why does regular infrared sauna therapy have such a profound effect on individuals living with CHF?

To answer this question it requires taking a look at the frequency of the light emitted by the wavelengths of near, mid, and far infrared light and the effect that exposure has on the cellular health of the body. The infrared light frequency is just beyond the visible color red on the spectrum of light waves, and before the ‘microwave’ wavelengths of light. Although invisible to the eye, the near, mid, and far infrared light is experienced as heat.

The healing benefits of intentional exposure to the infrared light spectrum lies primarily in the relationship between the mitochondria (essentially an energy plant contained within each cell), and the penetrative rays of infrared light beyond the soft tissue of the body. As the body is exposed to the infrared light spectrum, the mitochondria become excited by the frequency of these wavelengths. As this occurs the mitochondria begin producing greater amounts of nitric acid, which is released into the bloodstream and converted to oxygen. The result of the increased mitochondrial activity is higher levels of oxygen in the blood, as well as an increase in positive circulation throughout the entire body, including both the upper and lower chambers of the heart.

By oxygenating the blood stream, and increasing the internal temperature of the body, nutrient rich blood flows inward to the vital organs, including the heart. Steeped in rich and rapid moving blood, the ventricle pathways of the heart release congestion, and ultimately for individuals suffering with the earlier stages of CHF, will find great symptom relief.

The warm glow of infrared light bathes the body as individuals rest encased in a cabin like chamber, where the wavelengths are captivated. Naturally occurring within the sun’s rayss, infrared light surrounds us always, but the intensity afforded by the sauna structure, coupled with the absence of potentially harmful UV rays, creates a perfect concoction of health benefits for individuals living with CHF.

So, why does regular infrared sauna therapy have such a profound effect on individuals living with CHF?

Regular broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy (10-15 minutes/3 Times Per Week) may help individuals achieve and maintain ideal weight, detoxify the body from harmful substances, improve heart rate variability and reduce stress.

Individuals living CHF, in addition to the recommendation of their medical practitioner will need to make some lifestyle changes that will accommodate the following goals:

·      Stabilize Weight

·      Improve Circulation

·      Increase Oxygenation Of The Blood Stream

·      Moderate Exercise

·      Stress Reduction

·      Detoxification Of The Body (From Harmful substances, pathogens, and metals

As demonstrated through extensive clinical research, regular infrared sauna use will allow individuals to effortlessly achieve those objectives listed above.

Living with CHF can render certain exercise options prohibitive, conversely the high temperatures of the traditional sauna and steam rooms can also be restricted from this same group of patients. Infrared sauna therapy provides similar cardiovascular benefits for individuals as a brisk jog, as well as the same detoxification protocol available through high temperature traditional saunas.

Broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy supports the health and longevity of individuals living with CHF, without any of the prohibitive factors found from exercise and high temperature heat therapy.

 Broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy is both an effective and safe means of improving heart health, actualizing ideal weight, reducing stress, and increasing cardiovascular activity for those living with CHF.


CHF is a serious and progressive illness. Please be mindful that the rate of sudden death is much higher in this demographic, therefore proceeding with any new treatment measures must be done with great care. While, clinical data suggests that broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy can be advantageous for individuals living with CHF, it is always important to check in with your medical professional ensuring that the disease has not progressed to a stage that would prohibit infrared sauna bathing.


Infrared Sauna Therapy For Stress Reduction

Infrared Sauna Therapy For Stress Reduction

Step Off The Stress Train Into The Depths Of Relaxation And Healing For Longevity

The majestic, fluid, and dynamic dance of human physiology is truly a marvel: This perfectly orchestrated balance of systems keeps the body healthy and full of vitality. When knocked out of balance for a prolonged period, illness ensues and life force is depleted.

The potent mind-body connection seamlessly allows biochemical changes to occur within the physical systems in response to the perceptions of external conditions and circumstances. This coupling enables survival by allowing the body to quickly adapt to external threats. This fluid interaction with the environment has sustained the human species throughout time.

As the mind perceives external threat, the body immediately transforms into a vessel able to ward off and defend against physical threat, this keen ability is stress response. What happens, if the mind is continually perceiving life threatening cues from outside? The body remains in stress response for prolonged periods of time. This protracted state of elevated stress response eventually depletes the body’s system and can lead to the degradation of the body’s tissues causing illness.

What once served to ensure the survival of the human species is now among the leading causes of chronic illness today: Stress. The necessity to regain homeostasis and move out of stress response is imperative. As modern life stimulates the mind into perceiving threats to survival, the body responds with a chain of biological reactions to transfer the body into states of chronic stress response, therefore the necessity to find a pathway back to relaxation is at an all time high.

Broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy is a unique modality that capitalizes on the invisible light spectrum to bath individuals in radiant heat. This light bath dynamically interacts with human physiology to produce the necessary hormonal and biochemical reaction to transfer the body out of stress response and back into states of relaxation!

Ring The Alarm: What Happens Within The Body During The Activation Of The Survival Mechanism?

The near instantaneous cascade of physical changes that occur in response to life-threatening circumstances is perfectly orchestrated to ensure survival. The process of inducing survival mechanism begins in the center of the brain known as the amygdala, an area of the brain responsible for emotional processing.

This emotional center sends a signal to the hypothalamus, essentially a command center for the central nervous system. The central nervous system is a communication network for the entire body and allows physical responses to be synchronized with emotional and mental feelings and perceptions.

A person in a survival situation

When the amygdala perceives an immediate threat, a distress signal is sent to the hypothalamus and the entire central nervous system transfers out of rest and relaxation into survival mode. This survival mechanism adopted by the autonomic nervous system is called sympathetic dominance or fight-or-flight response.

As sympathetic dominance is activated, signals are sent to the adrenal glands. These glands respond by excreting a hormone called epinephrine, also known as adrenaline into the bloodstream. As adrenaline is pumped into the bloodstream, and circulated throughout the body a number of physiological changes occur.

The heart rate is elevated to pump blood to the vital organs and muscles in preparation for defense through combat or flight. The pulse is elevated and blood pressure rises, breathing becomes rapid, small air ways in the lungs are opened to allow the lungs to take in as much oxygen with every breath. Extra oxygen is sent to the brain to heighten alertness and the entire sensory apparatus becomes aroused to keenly sense the eminent danger in the external environment. Adrenaline also triggers blood sugar and fats from temporary storage sites to be released into the blood stream, in effect all of the body’s energy is activated to defend the body and ultimately survive.

This cascade of transformation occurring in response to a perceived threat has ensured the survival of the human species for millennia. When this survival mechanism is balanced with the retreat out of stress response back into states of recovery, the body and mind return to homeostasis. The longevity of health in the body is fortified through states of rest and relaxation. It is not therefore not intermittent states of stress response that cause a problem for health, but rather, protracted states of survival eventually leads to the depletion of health and vitality.

Chronic Stress Response VS Short Fluctuations Into Survival Mode

The orchestrated chain of reactions that occur within the brain and body in response to perceived danger is instrumental in ensuring the survival of the human race. The problem arises when states of stress response are not balanced with the natural retraction back into relaxation where nourishment and rejuvenation occur.

When the emotional center of the brain perceives a dangerous threat it sends signals to the hypothalamus to activate the autonomic nervous system out of rest and into survival. What happens if the amygdala’s perception of danger is not accurate? Or what occurs if the autonomic nervous system is called into states of sympathetic dominance even when life-threatening situations are simply a matter of false perception?

When every day modern living is the catalyst for stress response, the adrenal glands are on constant duty, heart rate and blood pressure are perpetually high, and the mind stays vigilant with heightened external senses. If traffic, a heavy workload, and too much screen time, for example are perceived as threatening then the autonomic nervous system is perpetually in a state of stress response.

Unfortunately, survival mode is not sustainable as the primary state of being. Without the ability to move back into states of rest and relaxation, the body is not granted the necessary recovery time it needs to foster health and wellness.
The result of sustained states of survival mode is the degradation of the body’s system and eventually chronic illness such as autoimmune disorders and heart disease.

The call to action for the modern citizens of our planet is to actively find modalities that will encourage the mind and body out of chronic stress and backs into states of relaxation where nurturing and growth can occur.

Relaxation: The Other Side Of The Survival Coin

Just as the brain center sends a signal to the autonomic nervous system when a threat is perceived, the same is also true when security and safety are the status quo. Perceived safety signals the autonomic nervous system to move from sympathetic dominance fluidly back into parasympathetic dominance (Rest, digestion, relaxation).

When the brain perceives safety, the adrenal glands no longer release adrenaline into the bloodstream. Hyper vigilance of the mind is eased back into open creativity, blood pressure is lowered, heart rate is lowered, and energy is directed inward for healing and cellular generation. In short, the maintenance of the internal body’s systems is rewarded when the body relaxes. Wounds are healed, and the immune system is strengthened when the body is able to relax in parasympathetic dominance.

It is crucial that each individual finds tools and modalities that will encourage the nervous system out of stress response back into states of relaxation. There are several wonderful tools available to encourage this fluid movement, however none so effortless and effective as infrared sauna therapy.

How Can Infrared Sauna Therapy Encourage The Body And Mind Back Into States Of Relaxation?
  • Brain Waves Move From Beta To Theta (From Hyperactive Vigilance To Expansive And Creative)
  • Sensory Apparatus Turns Inward
  • Core Temperature Rises To Invoke A Decline In Body Temperature After The Sauna Session Is Complete
  • Mitochondrial Stimulation Produces Nutrient Rich Blood To Improve Circulation

What role does broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy play in determining the state of the autonomic nervous system? How can this invisible spectrum of light influence physiological response on a mass scale?

Brain Waves: From Beta To Theta
A human brain experiencing the positive stress-reducing benefits of infrared sauna therapy.

While the infrared light spectrum is invisible to the eye, it is experienced as heat. It is a soothing radiant heat and under its influence brain waves slow down. Within this environment of subtle warmth, the hypothalamus is not receiving the signal of threat. The feeling of a gentle sleepiness that occurs within the infrared sauna is the antithesis to fast-acting brain waves that occur when danger is eminent.

This means that the hypothalamus is not signaling the autonomic nervous system into survival mode, and the body sinks into deeper states of relaxation as brain waves slow down. When a threat is perceived, brain waves speed up into beta frequency. This allows the mind to vigilantly survey the external environment for threat.

Within the radiance of the infrared light brain waves move from beta to theta, where the frequency is slower. The brain is no longer scanning the horizon for threats, but rather becomes open and expansive to creativity.

The Senses Relax And Perception Is Turned Inward

The radiant heat of an infrared sauna session coupled with a gentle sensory deprivation enables perception to pivot inwards away from the world. As the mind relinquishes hyper vigilance to the external world, the adrenal glands stop releasing adrenaline into the bloodstream, the sensory apparatus is dulled slightly, and this enables the body to sink into relaxation, as it no longer needs to prepare to defend itself.

Thermal Regulation

The radiant heat as experienced during a broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy session moves beyond the initial epidermis of the skin and raises the core temperature of the body. Once the session is over the dropping of body temperature further induces relaxation, and this drop of body temperature is a key component to falling asleep. As sleep is improved the body can remain in states of relaxation for longer periods of time.

Enrich The Blood With Mitochondrial Stimulation

The real magic of the infrared light spectrum occurs through its relationship to the cellular network of the body, specifically the mitochondria. As the body (a community of nearly 50 trillion cells) is saturated with the infrared light frequency, the energy centers of the cells become hyper receptive to the light. This interaction creates a cascade of microscopic changes to induce the enriching of the blood as well as improved circulation.

When in states of sympathetic dominance, stored sugars and fats are released into the bloodstream, in stark contrast, under the influence of infrared light, more oxygen is released into the bloodstream enriching the quality of blood. This increase in quality of blood coupled with vasodilation (the widening of blood capillaries) improves circulation and therefore feeds all portions of the body nutrient rich blood that is used to heal the body from the inside out.

Get Off The Stress Train And Step Onto The Life Raft Of Infrared Sauna Therapy To Transport You Back To States Of Rest, Rejuvenation, And Recovery

Remaining in chronic states of stress response is not a luxury the body can sustain. Eventually protracted states of survival will demand a heavy toll payment that the body cannot afford. The eventual outcome of constant hyper vigilance is disease, illness, and the degradation of the body’s systems.

A little R & R is not something that should be taken twice annually on vacations, but rather ought to be incorporated into daily practice in order to sustain balance and health. Finding a tool that will enable the body to move out of sympathetic dominance back into states of relaxation and rest is imperative.

Broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy provides a comfortable and safe means for the body to adapt itself into parasympathetic dominance where nurturing, digestion, and relaxation can occur.

This healing modality will turn survival mode off and gently invite you into a state of being that will revitalize all portions of the body and allow the mind to slow down and ease away from frantic thinking patterns into calm.

While there is little to do regarding challenging commutes and the fast-paced culture of our modern world, we can, however, choose to create an oasis for the body and mind to step out of the chaotic external reality back into security, safety, and comfort. The gift of longevity and quality of life can be yours as you bask in the warm glow of infrared sauna therapy to release stress from the body and sink into states of deep relaxation.


Infrared Sauna Therapy For Detoxification

Infrared Sauna Therapy For Detoxification

Eliminate Harmful Pollutants From The Body For Longevity, Health, And Vitality

Most likely, you have heard the word detoxification in many different contexts and as this buzzword has gained prevalence and popularity even amongst the mainstream cultural norm, it has become more of a banality.

When words or phrases become cliché it is important to look beyond the hype of the theorized buzzword and into its depth and importance for health and wellness.

Detoxification of the body occurs naturally through elimination, so in fact we are all daily detoxifying the body of waste products. So, why has the word gained so much notoriety from health gurus? Is it more than just a fad that will slip away from center stage?

Cultures around the world and throughout history have turned to a variety of purification protocols to cleanse the body and to find commune with a higher power. From colonics, to spiritual bathing, to a variety of heat therapies, such as the Native American sweat lodges, humans have been looking for ways to cleanse the body of impurities since before recorded history.

Despite its prevalence in the health and wellness industry and seemingly cutting edge persona, detoxification protocols have been a part of human expression for millennia. As the population of our planet grows, coupled with the advent of industrialization, we as a global community are exposed to increasing amounts of pollutants in our external environment. Additionally, as the food industry creates more processed foods and with fruits, grains, meat and vegetables treated with chemicals and growth hormones, the need to detoxify the body is at an all time high.

Born from ancient traditions of purification through deliberate perspiration, infrared sauna therapy presents an opportunity to cleanse the body using state-of-the-art technology to foster the natural ability to eliminate harmful toxic build up from within.

What Does Detoxification Mean?

Detoxification means to actively remove toxic substances from the body. This deliberate cleansing and purification of the body moves beyond the natural process of elimination to proactively rid the body of harmful pollutants to achieve heightened health, vitality, and wellness.

There are a variety of modalities available to detoxify the body. Fasting relieves the body of the energy necessary to digest food and creates essentially a clean slate. Actively ingesting juices and teas that propel the colon to eliminate the build up of substances along the walls of the small and large intestinal tract is an effective mode of purifying the digestive tract. Colonics are also used to draw harmful waste out of the system from the bottom up to detoxify the body.

While fasting and cleansing of the digestive tract can be great tools for detoxification, the modality of heat therapy to promote copious perspiration is the most compelling means to release the body of harmful waste.

Since the discovery of fire, humans have turned to a variety of modalities to create heated structures that actively promote purification through sweating. To name just a few: Native American Sweat Lodges, Turkish Haman (steam Rooms), the Roman and Greek Bath Houses, and the traditional Finnish Sauna are all modalities of heat therapy that are used with the explicit intention of cultivating internal heat to release toxins in the body through sweat.

infrared sauna heat therapy detoxification

The skin is the largest organ in the human body; the unique human quality of perspiration allows harmful toxic substances to be released through the membrane of the skin.

Purification of the body through sweating is not only easy; it is also relaxing and enjoyable. Infrared sauna therapy draws on the wisdom of the ancient traditions of heat therapy and capitalizes on the advancement in scientific technology to create the ultimate detoxification protocol.

Why Is It Important To Detoxify The Body? What Are Some Of The Toxins That Need To Be Released From The Body?

“Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure anything” –Hippocrates

The human body is bioaccumulative, meaning there is a natural absorption of substances in our external environment into the internal atmosphere of the physiological construct. An overload of toxic pollutants absorbed into the bloodstream, vital organs, and particularly into the fatty tissue of the body can weaken the immune system and wreak havoc on the autonomic nervous system.

When the body becomes overloaded with toxic substances chronic illness, fatigue, and lethargy can take hold. By actively detoxifying the body of harmful pollutants, it becomes possible to prevent the onset of chronic conditions including a variety of autoimmune disorders. Active detoxification can restore vitality, improve the physical appearance of the body by reducing the biological age, and augment energy levels naturally.

Infrared sauna therapy works to increase the internal core temperature of the body to create an artificial fever. This ‘fever’, will cleanse the body of invasive infection, as well as other harmful substances:

·   Bacterial Infection

·   Toxic metals (Cadmium, lead, mercury)

·   Chemical Food Additives (Pesticides and growth hormones)

·   Unbalanced Hormones (Adrenaline, lactic acid, and cortisol)

Purifying the body of harmful toxins is necessary to maintain the health, and ultimately, the longevity of the body. The artificial fever induced through infrared sauna therapy will allow individuals to passively cleanse the body by capitalizing on the largest organ, the skin, to pass harmful substances out of the body.

Even when it is not noticeable to our conscious awareness, most individuals are actively fighting chronic bacterial infection within the physical body and all humans alive today are exposed to unhealthy chemicals in our food and air. In short, regardless of apparent health, all individuals would benefit from actively detoxifying the body. The most powerful protocol for purification available today is broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy.

How Does Infrared Sauna Therapy Enhance Detoxification Protocol: The Dynamic Relationship Between The Infrared Light Spectrum And Human Physiology

Infrared light is a type of radiant energy existing within the invisible spectrum of light and cannot be observed by the human eye, yet can be experienced as heat. The color violet emits the shortest wavelengths, and on the far end of the color light spectrum exists red light that emits the longest wavelengths. The infrared light spectrum occurs between the microwave and visible light spectrum as the color red.  

Near infrared light is found closer to the visible light spectrum and far infrared is found just after microwave frequencies. It is the proximity to the visible light color red, that infrared owes its namesake. Infrared light frequencies range from shorter wavelengths (the near infrared light) and as wavelengths elongate mid and far infrared light become detectable.

Within the sun’s natural radiance exists the near, mid, and far infrared light. The infrared sauna isolates this spectrum of light to create a chamber that becomes a ‘light bath’ when powered on. The harnessed infrared light within the structure of the sauna walls radiates warmth around and into the soft tissue of the body. This serves to increase the core temperature of the body to create an artificial fever.

Unlike a traditional sauna, the infrared light bath does not rely on high ambient temperatures, but rather infiltrates the body to increase heat from the inside out. This in turn encourages a depth of perspiration unparalleled by any other heat therapy modality. The powerful radiant heat absorbed by the body within the field of infrared light creates a cascade of health benefits beginning with ridding the body of harmful bacterial infections, heavy metals, and environmental chemicals.

So, what are some of the results that detoxifying the body with regular broad spectrum infrared therapy can produce?

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Detoxification Protocol?

  • Glowing and smooth skin free from blemishes
  • Increased energy as strain from the internal organs is relieved
  • Better and more readily available deep sleep
  • Increased vitality as the body is freed from chronic internal bacterial Infection
  • Balanced autonomic nervous system
  • Increased immune system function

With the intensity of perspiration released during an infrared sauna session are there noticeable or tangible changes within the body? After just one broad spectrum infrared sauna session there will be a remarkable difference to how you feel and look!

The Skin: Perhaps the most remarkable change that can be observed is the quality and texture of the skin after an infrared sauna session. Ultimately this cleansing practice will rid the body of harmful toxins from deep within, but it also cleanses the skin. This leaves the epidermis purified of bacterial based blemishes, clogged pores, acne, and the appearance of scars on the skin. As liquid is released through perspiration, the skin will appear taut and electrified.

Increased Energy As Strain Is Released From The Internal Organs: In a world inundated with toxic chemicals and metals, the kidneys and liver have to work over time to cleanse body. Through infrared sauna therapy the organ of the skin takes on much of this burden by effortlessly detoxifying the body through perspiration. As toxins are released through the skin, the kidneys and liver no longer need to work as hard to process pollutants out of the body. After a few infrared sauna sessions there will be a noticeable up take of disposable energy as the kidneys and liver become less active.

Detoxification And Sleep: Hosting heavy metals and toxic chemicals in the body turns on the sympathetic (fight or flight) branch of the autonomic nervous system. In short, the body perceives a threat from these harmful toxins and turns on survival response to ward off the invasion. As stress response is activated, it becomes difficult for the body to find states of relaxation necessary for sound sleep. After each infrared sauna session an individual will experience greater ease into deep states of sleep at night.

infrared sauna and sleep

Free The Body Of Chronic Bacterial Infection: Although, individuals may not be aware that they are host to bacterial infections, most are. The artificially induced fever of an infrared sauna session will flush bacterial infection out of the body. This includes bacterial infection within the dental structure, blood stream, and digestive tract. As the body rids itself from harmful bacteria, relaxation becomes easier to sink into and energy levels are higher as the body no longer needs to ward off internal infections.

Balanced Autonomic Nervous System: When the body is home to harmful toxins and bacterial infection, survival mode turns on and the body is drawn into sympathetic dominance. Naturally the autonomic nervous system should fluidly move from survival into nurturing states (parasympathetic dominance), but when the body constantly perceives an invasion of toxic substance within, it adopts a state of fight or flight. Through the powerful detoxification protocol of infrared sauna therapy, the body no longer identifies a threat and is easily able to sink into states of nourishment, rejuvenation, and regeneration to build health and vitality.

Increased Immune System Function: A body ripe with toxic substances will enlist the aid of the immune system to fight off the invasion from harmful substances. This constant state of protection can throw the immune system out of balance, as it is no longer able to discern what are healthy and unhealthy elements within the body. Eventually, a host of autoimmune disorders may emerge, as the immune system is no longer able to discern invasive and natural substances within the physiological network.

The cascade of health benefits available through the rigorous detoxification protocol of infrared sauna therapy will improve the vitality of the body, encourages deep sleep, and will provide a beautiful youthful glow for the skin.

Detoxification Protocol: More Than A Fad, A Necessary Component To Healthy Living And Longevity

Many environmental factors produce harmful toxins to the bioaccumulative human body that are often beyond the individual’s control. Given the industrialized state of our world, it becomes paramount that each person does what he or she can to eliminate harmful pollutants from the body to promote health and vitality. Although, the food industry continues to sell products laced with chemicals and pesticides and the air we breathe is sometimes filled with harmful gases, it is possible to create a safe and healthy internal environment within the landscape of the body.

By engaging in a regular infrared sauna therapy routine (at least 15 minutes, three times per week), it is possible to passively rid the body of harmful toxins to promote both quality of life as well as longevity.

By capitalizing on the largest organ of the skin, coupled with the infrared light spectrum’s ability to induce an artificial fever, detoxification within this framework becomes both relaxing and also powerfully eliminates harmful substances from the body.

Become the sovereign authority over your own body and choose to create the ultimate internal environment within the body to promote health, vitality, and longevity by enjoying the relaxing experience of infrared sauna therapy!!!!


Infrared Sauna Therapy For Anti-Aging To Reduce Your Biological Age

Infrared Sauna Therapy For Anti-Aging To Reduce Your Biological Age

The Fountain Of Youth Is A Warm Glow Of Light Bathing You In Cellular Transformation

The anti-aging movement refers to the expression of biological age rather than the reversal of chronological age. The human body is a dynamic and ever changing organism in constant communication with its environment. Every second 10,000 new cells are regenerated. And every hour, the heart pumps 280 liters of blood. The body is a canvas of change that is highly susceptible to factors within its environment. “

Getting older happens: Every year the earth orbits around the sun, another year passes, and the maturation of our physical body occurs. Aging is not the issue, but rather how we age is a blank canvas upon which we can tell our own story.

There is a fundamental difference between our chronological age, meaning the date of our birth, and the biological age expressed through every cell of our body. Most likely, you have observed that individuals express age in distinctly different ways regardless of having spent the same number of years on the planet.

So, why does the expression of age vary substantially from one individual to the other? Is there science behind the differences or is it just left up to genetics?

Understanding human physiology as a dynamic and active organism in constant conversation with its environment both internally and externally begins to unveil the secret to looking and feeling younger.

Environmental factors affect the quality of cells that are replicated.  Reducing biological age can be catapulted with exposure to certain naturally occurring elements, without prescription pills or surgery.

Regular infrared sauna therapy supports the reduction of biological age by creating transformation at the molecular level of the body. The unique relationship between the infrared light spectrum and human physiology begins the domino effect of biochemical change necessary for biological age reduction. This all-natural treatment capitalizes on what is already occurring in the body to physically generate youthful and healthy cells.

Regular Infrared Sauna Therapy Supports The Six Primary Ingredients To Creating A Youthful Biological Expression:

·   Maintenance Of Telomere Length

·   Stress Free Living (as much as is possible)

·   Increased Collagen Production

·   Detoxification Protocol

·   Improved Circulation

·   Positive Cellular Regeneration

Defining Age: Chronological VS. Biological

The chronological age of an individual is fixed. Regardless of lifestyle, the year of birth remains unchanging, however the biological age expressed at the cellular level of the body tells another story altogether. Two individuals born on the same date and year can express a vastly different biological age due to variance in their lifestyle choices.

The anti-aging movement refers to the expression of biological age rather than the reversal of chronological age. The human body is a dynamic and ever changing organism in constant communication with its environment. Every second 10,000 new cells are regenerated. And every hour, the heart pumps 280 liters of blood. The body is a canvas of change that is highly susceptible to factors within its environment.

With so much dynamic movement occurring within the physiological network, the body is constantly being made new again through cellular regeneration. The body is composed of roughly 50 trillion cells: Over the course of 7 years the body is made completely new, and you are no longer the physical person you were before!

So, how can infrared sauna therapy effect the expression of biological age?

Regular broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy will elevate several chains of biochemical reactions to produce a more youthful biological expression of age:

  • Augment collagen production, and therefore enhance elasticity through the skin membrane, bone marrow, as well as in the connective tissue of the body.
  • Detoxify the body of harmful pollutants
  • Reduce stress response and draw the body into states of relaxation where cellular regeneration becomes exponential.
  • Aids in the maintenance of telomere length (a factor strongly correlated to the aging process).
  • Improve Circulation
  • Increase Cellular Regeneration

Regular broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy will induce all of the above-mentioned factors to produce a younger and more vital physiological make-up to reduce the expression of biological age.

Sweat The Years Away: What Is A Telomere And How Does Their Length Effect The Biological Age Of The Body?

At the microscopic level a very important protein exists that plays a huge role in the aging process: Telomeres are the protein end caps of the chromosomes, essentially the bottle cap that seals the chromosomes at their base. Aging and the eventual death of the body occur as the length of these proteins shortens with each cellular replication. In any anti-aging protocol the goal becomes to secure the length of telomeres and so, preserve the youthful vitality of the body.

In a body that is chronically under stress, each time a cell replicates there is a loss in the length of the end caps of the chromosomes. Therefore the biological clock can be measured by the shortening of telomeres.

So, how can telomeres maintain their length through the passage of time?

There are two correlating factors to the maintenance of telomere length:

1.    Studies have shown that regular and profuse sweating secures telomere length.

2.     Abiding primarily in states of relaxation will promote cellular replication that maintains the length of telomeres each time cells are regenerated.

Gratefully, broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy provides an opportunity for profound sweating to occur and is also the gateway from states of stress response back into states of rest and relaxation. The coupling of these two necessary factors to maintain telomere length will promote the reduction of expressed biological age.

Sweat the years away as you bask in the relaxing environment of the infrared sauna.  A study from Brigham Young University reveals that as long as you are willing to sweat, you can actually stop the clock on cellular aging by maintaining the length of telomeres!

Active regular sweating influences how cells replicate: Rigorous perspiration is strongly correlated to the maintenance of telomere length. Clinical researchers have found that adults, who actively sweat at least three times a week, have across the board, longer telomeres than those adults who do not sweat regularly.

Infrared sauna therapy marinates the body in deeply penetrative rays of light that seep into the soft tissue of the body to increase the internal core temperature. This unique form of heat therapy induces greater rates of perspiration and therefore powerfully maintains the length of telomeres.

Regular sweating will promote positive replication of cells within the body. Remember, the physical body is composed of around 50 trillion cells. When cells are youthful and healthy so is the entire body!!!

Augment Collagen Production With Regular Infrared Sauna Use

The enhancement of collagen production will improve the quality of skin, bone marrow, and connective tissue to offer a more youthful appearance and experience.

As collagen production is increased, it is not only a superficial appearance of more youthful skin, but rather the biology of the skin organ will be more vibrant and alive at a cellular level.

Collagen is a protein that supports your body’s tissues and ultimately keeps many of the physiological systems resilient to external stresses. Collagen occupies 80% of the dermis, the secondary layer of skin below the epidermis. Collagen strengthens the skin to keep it taut, firm, and connected, while elastin, another protein, allows the skin to stretch and bounce back.

Both collagen and elastin are the fibers that create the supporting structure of the skin. Youthful skin is plentiful in both these fibrous proteins; regardless of your chronological age it is possible to bolster the health of these two fibers working in harmony to create healthy and aesthetically appealing skin.

Broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy stimulates collagen production. The unique relationship between the near infrared spectrum and the cellular network of the body will boost collagen production. Over time with regular infrared sauna sessions, the skin will rebuild high levels of collagen found in youthful skin.

While it is impossible to stop the clock, it is possible to reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular infrared sauna use through enhancing collagen production.

Even if an individual chooses a surgical facelift to address the appearance of aged skin, it is still important to remember that the quality of skin matters. Regardless of other possible anti-aging treatments, healthy, vibrant skin is essential to a youthful appearance and infrared sauna therapy will effortlessly and safely provide this.

Collagen is important not only for the skin but also for the health of bone marrow and connective tissues. As age sets in, bones can become weak and frail and therefore more susceptible to breaking. As biological age is reduced through infrared sauna therapy, not only is the external appearance influenced, but also the entire body becomes strong and resilient.

As collagen production is increased the connective tissues are strengthened. This is important to prevent osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and general pain within the joints. Mobility is increased and therefore recreational activity can be enjoyed in a youthful and enriching manner.

Detoxify The Body Of Harmful Pollutants To Replenish Youthful Biological Expression

Infrared sauna therapy is among the most powerful means of detoxification. The deeply penetrative wavelengths of infrared light move into the soft tissue of the body to increase internal temperatures. In effect, the infrared light induces an artificial fever. A fever serves the body by disinfecting the internal mechanism of harmful bacteria and toxins.  Infrared sauna therapy has the same effect on the body as a naturally occurring fever, except that once you step out of the sauna internal temperatures are lowered once again.

The result of using the radiant heat of infrared light is that the core body temperature rises without the need for very high external temperatures, as is the case with traditional saunas. As the body absorbs the radiant heat from infrared light, the sweat glands are engaged to lower body temperatures and profuse perspiration occurs. As the body rids itself of liquid through sweat, it also releases harmful toxins from the body such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and other unwanted substances within the body.

The powerful detoxification protocol that occurs under the influence of the radiant heat relieves the stress of detoxification from the internal organs, namely the kidneys and liver. As stress is relieved from within, individuals will experience heightened levels of youthful energy.

Chronic States Of Stress Response Age The Body

Over time chronic states of stress response will take its toll on the body: Disease, infection, and ultimately a rapid expression of increased biological age occurs. An overview of the body’s reaction to stress and the ensuing biochemical chain reaction that occurs will help to understand how critical it is to find states of relaxation.

Without rest, relaxation, and recovery it is not possible for the body to repair itself, naturally an individual will begin to feel the effects of age sooner. Harvard Medical School published an article that succinctly explains the stress response process originating in the hypothalamus:

“The hypothalamus is a bit like a command center. This area of the brain communicates with the rest of the body through the autonomic nervous system, which controls such involuntary body functions as breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, and dilation or constriction of key blood vessels and small airways in the lungs called bronchioles. The autonomic nervous system has two components, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system functions like a gas pedal in a car. It triggers the fight-or-flight response, providing the body with a burst of energy so that it can respond to perceived danger. The parasympathetic nervous system acts like a brake. It promotes the ‘rest and digest’ response that calms the body down after the danger has passed.”

This dynamic dance of the autonomic nervous system creates the ideal circumstance for the body to survive and thrive when in balance. Unfortunately, in the modern world the command center in the brain perceives threats to survival even when the threat may be illusory. From high-speed commutes on the freeway, to long work hours, to financial stress, all too often the body responds by entering into sympathetic dominance, essentially hitting the gas pedal. Chronic states of stress response cannot be sustained for long periods of time, and when this occurs the body is unable to regain homeostasis and return to states of rest, nourishment, and regeneration.

It is imperative for the health and longevity of the body that individuals can easily glide from fight or flight back into states of relaxation. The body can become stuck in survival mode as hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol flood the body.

So, how can an individual step out of chronic stress response back into parasympathetic dominance where nurturing and growth occur?

There are several tools that can be enlisted to ease this transition and one of the more powerful modalities is regular infrared sauna therapy. The experience of sitting under the warm glow of the infrared light spectrum will ease the body back into relaxation. Once relaxation is found, a cascade of reactions occur in the body to promote cellular growth and repair of the physiological structure.

Where there is increased cellular regeneration, the biological age of the body is reduced and individuals will glow from the inside out, radiating youthful vitality.

The most critical step any individual can take toward reducing the biological age of the body is to find states of relaxation. When the body is flooded with survival hormones it can be difficult to do this alone and that is why stepping into the light bath of the infrared sauna is such an important component in the reduction of biological age.

Improved Circulation Promotes A Youthful Glow From The Inside Out To Reduce Biological Age

Infrared light wavelengths exist on the invisible spectrum of light and cannot be seen with the human eye, but can be felt as heat. The infrared waves of light are able to penetrate deeply into and past the epidermis, and therefore fully engage the body’s cellular response. The radiant heat of infrared light burrows deep within the soft tissue to raise the internal temperature of the body.

Human anatomy viewed from the perspective of an active living organism constantly in conversation with itself, gives way to an appreciation of the dance with its external environment. When the body is exposed to the healing rays of the infrared spectrum, the living anatomy invites the light into its network system, creating a domino effect of health originating with improved blood circulation.

Improved blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients at faster rates to the vital organs, brain, joints, muscles, skeletal structure, and skin. A heightened level of oxygen running through the body reduces the occurrence of inflammation and therefore pain.

As the infrared light seeps beyond the initial membrane of the skin to penetrate into the soft tissue of the body, the cellular mechanism responds in excitement. The human form is comprised of 50 trillion cells, each cell in the body has what could be considered an ‘energy plant’: the mitochondria, where ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) occurs. The mitochondria are very sensitive to all light, particularly sensitive to deeply penetrating rays of the infrared light.  As soon as the body is exposed to the broad spectrum of infrared light, ATP production becomes exponential.

As ATP production increases in response to the infrared light exposure, this releases nitric acid, which hyper oxygenates the hemoglobin. The freshly oxygenated blood cells begin to flow throughout the body like a fast moving river.

Inflammation occurs in the body as a response to injury, stress, and illness. Where there is inflammation there is also a lack of oxygen. When the body is exposed to the infrared light spectrum nutrient and oxygen rich blood circulates at an improved rate through the body.

It can be imagined that the circulatory system is similar to rivers running throughout the body and that inflammation creates blockages to these rivers like a dam. Under the influence of the infrared sauna spectrum, circulation becomes fluid and moves through inflamed areas of the body carrying higher levels of oxygen to once restricted portions of the body. This movement of blood releases the dammed pathways and circulation becomes fluid once again.

Within just a few minutes of entering into an infrared sauna, ATP production increases, and oxygen production becomes higher: Blood circulation flows fluidly to restore the body back to homeostasis.

Increased fluidity of blood circulation demonstrated through regular infrared sauna therapy will promote both the appearance of youthful skin and also the experience of a youthful body full of vital energy!

The Power To Create A Youthful Physical Expression Is A Choice Worth Making

The fountain of youth has long been an illusory and unattainable fantasy left to the fictional storyteller. As technology advances and begins to incorporate the natural benefits of light into instruments, the fountain of youth becomes less and less a mythical legend.

The time machine that reduces the biological expression of age in the body is a gentle experience of basking in the warm hues of infrared light within the container of a sauna. Infrared light naturally occurs within the radiance of the sun’s energy, but when it is isolated into a manufactured infrared light sauna, its cellular healing prowess becomes unparalleled.

If you could turn back the clock of your body, would you want to?

Regular infrared sauna therapy not only gives the appearance of a more youthful glow, but because it works at the molecular level, individuals engaged in this therapy also feel younger and better able to participate in activities that once brought so much joy.

Yes, aging happens, but how you choose to mature through the passage of time is up to you! Using an infrared sauna for 15 minutes, three times per week will begin to accelerate cellular regeneration, augment collagen production, reduce stress, maintain healthy telomere length, and improve circulation, all necessary factors to reduce the biological expression of age in your body!