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Wood and Construction Questions

Do you only use 100% Canadian Woods? If not, where does your wood come from?

YES – Only top-quality Canadian wood is used.

Do you KILN dry your wood to prevent future warping or cracking? How long?

YES – All saunas are treated for a 90 day minimum.

Do you use filler woods?

The only filler wood we use is 100% non-toxic and is hidden underneath the bench.

Is the same wood used on the sides and front walls used on the back wall as well?

YES – Lower quality saunas will use a veneer or thin plywood on the back wall where you can’t see it.

How thick is the wood you use?

All wood used is 7 – 10 mm in thickness.

How much does your sauna weigh?

1-2 Person – 450+ lbs

1-3 Person – 500+ lbs.

1-4 Person – 550+ lbs.

How is your sauna held together? Magnets? Buckles?

Bolts are used to securely hold all pieces together.

Sauna Feature Questions

Is any glue used on any part of the saunas?

NO – vegetable and water based agents are the only adhesives used.

What is the maximum temperature of this sauna?Is any glue used on any part of the saunas?


Does this sauna come standard with Chromotherapy Lighting (light therapy ready)?


Do your saunas contain fireproof metal conduit over all of the wires?

All wires are covered by fireproof metal conduit, with none exposed top bare wood.

Do your saunas come with inside and outside temperature controls so the heat doesn’t escape when adjusting?


Infrared Heating Element Questions

What is the total surface area of heat covered by your saunas?

1-2 Person = 4150 sq inches of surface area heat

1-3 Person = 5450 sq inches of surface area heat

1-4 Person = 6200 sq inches of surface area heat

Are your heaters tested in independent clinical trials?


How many heating panels does your _______sauna have and where are they located?

Bliss: 8 = 2-front, 2-sides, 2-back, 1-calves, 1-feet

Reflect: 9 = 2-front, 2-sides, 3-back, 1-calves, 1-feet

Serenity: 9 = 2-front, 2-sides, 2-back, 2-calves, 1-feet

Unity: 15 = 2-front, 4-sides, 4-back, 3-calves, 2-feet

What is the Electro Magnetic Frequency of your Heaters?

Clinicall tested at ZERO

What micron range do your heaters have?

9.4 Microns

Best in the industry

Are your heating panels carbon or ceramic?

100% Organic Carbon

Is there any fabric covering the heaters that cannot be removed for cleaning?

Zero fabrics are included to increase the amount of heat and reduce the possibility of odors.

Are the wiring and components throughout the sauna commercial grade? Is there a cool down period between sessions?

All commercial grade wiring is used throughout each sauna. Saunas can run for 8 hours with no cool-down period.

Is the wiring of the sauna enclosed in metal conduit for safety

YES – Exposed bare wires create a fire hazard and cause a safety issue. All wiring is run through metal conduit.

Are these Options Included at No Additional Cost?

Cup Holders?


Magazine Rack?


Towel Holder?


Inside and Outside Controls


LED Lights for Chromotherapy (Light Therapy)?




Outside Crown Molding LED Lighting?


Front Heaters and Floor Heaters?

YES – It is very important to have heaters fully surrounding the body.

Removable Floor Heating Cover or Screwed Down?

The floor heater cover is removable for convenient, easy cleaning.

Miscellaneous Information

What is the warranty included with purchase?


What is the cost of shipping?


How long have you been in business?


What safety approvals has your company been awarded?

ETL – Yes

ISO 9001 – Yes

CE – Yes

ROHS – Yes

Are your sauna prices listed online?

Yes. We believe in educating our customers first without high pressure sales tactics. We value our customers privacy and will never ask you to trade your personal information.


  • Near/Mid/Far Infrared
  • Himalayan Salt Walls
  • Chromatherapy
  • Low EMF Carbon Heaters
  • Premium Bluetooth Speakers
  • All Non Toxic Materials
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