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I Owe My Life to the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

After spending my youth as an elite international level tennis player and long distance runner, at the age of 24 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. As the only parent to a young child, this diagnosis was unacceptable to me. My athletic career had saturated my body with lactic acid and my internal organs were unable to handle the toxicity. Coupled with the trauma of a physically abusive marriage, my body was depleted of vital life force. It was in my darkest hour that I discovered the full spectrum infrared sauna.

This discovery and regular use of the full spectrum infrared sauna gave me the gift of my life. My body was able to detoxify the accumulation of lactic acid and relax out of the fight or flight state it had become accustomed to. After six months of use I was able to walk and engage in the normal everyday activities of a young mother. Today there is no evidence of chronic fatigue. I live in a healthy body filled with youthful vitality. I owe my life to the full spectrum infrared sauna and will be eternally grateful for the technological inspiration of NEOSAUNA.

Kat D.


My Knee Arthritis is Already Better

I am very impressed with my sauna, I’m in it twice a day. The warmth is like being inside a healing cloud of love.

I live in FL so I am used to hot humid heat. This heat is a nice difference.
My knee arthritis is already better and I can complete my daily 2 mile walks without pain the following day now. Thank you!

Teri D.


Thank You for Delivering a Product as Advertised

I just wanted to email you guys a quick note and thank you for delivering a product as advertised. I have only used an infrared sauna with ceramic heaters at my gym and what a difference your new heaters make. I’ll never use the one in the gym again! I love modern technology – Happy Healing.

Janet Olsen

Pensacola, Florida

It’s Nice to Finally See a Product That is Built to Please the Medical Industry

NeoSauna does not only offer infrared saunas, but rather a complete sauna system for longevity and long term results. It’s nice to finally see a product that is built to please the medical industry. I love the included blood pressure monitor as I can track my patience progress between visits.

Dr. Kelly Uzlig

Kansas City

Using My Infrared Sauna, I Have Lost 10 Pounds

With my busy lifestyle, it’s hard to get to the gym everyday. By using my infrared sauna, I have lost 10 pounds and am much more energized. I also love my DVD player inside and the built in backrests! You were right with your study, they certainly don’t block any heat as your competition tried to tell me.

Gordon Roblin

Toronto, CA

Thank You NeoSauna, You Have Changed My Life

Living in New York with its harsh winters caused me several months of depression from lack of sun. Using sun beds as treatment worked to some degree but created concern from the standpoint of unhealthy rays. I found a great solution through an infrared sauna. Thank you NeoSauna, you have changed my life.

Cheryl Fitzpatrick

New York, NY

One of the Best Investments We Made for Ourselves

My friend introduced us to infrared saunas. I started to look in January of this year. I searched a lot of websites and reading on infrared saunas. Discussing everything with your staff and my husband who was very hesitated about getting one, we decided on the Newport Pro. One of the best investments we made for ourselves. I was scared due to the fact after a month having the sauna, I found out I was allergic to cedar. To my very grateful relief, I kept on using the sauna with no allergic reaction! Even my husband loves to go into the sauna either with me or alone. I am very pleased with the sauna and thank you so much for a great product

Theresa Troy


Just put My Second Order In

I purchase one of your saunas for my home about 8 years ago and just put my second order in 3 weeks ago for a 2nd vacation home. Glad to see your company is still going strong and still putting out the same quality of saunas. Now to decide which house to put the new one!

Christine Cronns

New Hampshire

She Will No Longer Be Needing Her Gold Shots

Thank you NeoSauna for working with me and my mom’s Doctor during our purchase. After only 6 months, she now is actually thinking she will no longer be needing her gold shots! She still has a long way to go, however it’s good to know there are alternative treatments out there that work. You went the extra mile for her and I just wanted to thank you.

Health Nut


Many of My Patients Have Benefited Dramatically

After many years in family practice, I have encountered many patients with severe arthritis, cardiovascular problems, and chronic fatigue syndrome. With NeoSaunas’ infrared therapy, many of my patients have benefited dramatically.

Dr. David Grahm

San Diego, CA

My Infrared Sauna Provides a Haven From the Outside World

As a business owner and mother of four, my life can be hectic and stressful at times. My infrared sauna provides a haven from the outside world. Only 20 minutes every night with my favorite music playing in the background, my sauna provides the relief I need.

Michelle Adair

Murietta, CA

We Try to Use Our Infrared Sauna Everyday and Love It

My experience with NeoSauna has been amazing. From the time I spoke to your knowledgeable staff about the product, through our first sauna session, my husband and I have been extremely pleased. We try to use our infrared sauna everyday and love it. Thank you so much!

Rick and Cathy Moreno

Seattle, WA

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  • Near/Mid/Far Infrared
  • Himalayan Salt Walls
  • Chromatherapy
  • Low EMF Carbon Heaters
  • Premium Bluetooth Speakers
  • All Non Toxic Materials

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