Far Infrared Explained

Why Infrared Saunas Are Superior

What is Far Infrared Heat?

To put it simply, infrared is a type of light. We cannot see this kind of light with the naked eye, but it can be felt as heat on the skin. More specifically, far infrared is infrared with a wavelength of 15 micrometers to 1 mm. Along with several other types of light, infrared is most commonly produced and absorbed through sunlight. When absorbed regularly by the human body, infrared light provides a plethora of healing and wellness benefits, which you can learn more about here.

The more research is conducted, the more the benefits of far infrared are uncovered. Going back to 1989 when studies showed the adverse effects of far infrared exposure to insomnia. You may be familiar with infrared lamps sometimes found in bathrooms. Far infrared creates heat in a similar way, but is much more effective and efficient because it is able to penetrate the skin at a much deeper level, allowing it to be absorbed more by muscle and tissue in your body.

Why are Infrared Saunas Better Than a Conventional Sauna?

An infrared sauna is different from a traditional sauna in the way that it produces heat. The conventional sauna relies on steam to produce an indirect method of heat to provide our bodies with it’s healing benefits. Our unique Carbon Wave 360 Panels uses far infrared technology to provide a direct source of heat to your body. In fact, less than 20% of the infrared energy heats the air, allowing the other 80% to be directly absorbed by your body, maximizing the health benefits.

With far infrared waves, the heat directly penetrates over 1½ inches into the body tissue and muscles. The output of energy is specifically tuned to correspond with your body’s own natural radiant energy. This allows the body to absorb nearly 93% of the infrared waves that touch your skin. The more energy is absorbed, the greater the wellness rewards. This makes the far infrared sauna a great deal more effective than the traditional sauna, with less time needed to reap the benefits.

Why Choose Neosauna?

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  • Himalayan Salt Walls
  • Chromatherapy
  • Low EMF Carbon Heaters
  • Premium Bluetooth Speakers
  • All Non Toxic Materials
I Owe My Life to the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

After spending my youth as an elite international level tennis player and long distance runner, at the age of 24 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. As the only parent to a young child, this diagnosis was unacceptable to me. My athletic career had saturated my body with lactic acid and my internal organs were unable to handle the toxicity. Coupled with the trauma of a physically abusive marriage, my body was depleted of vital life force. It was in my darkest hour that I discovered the full spectrum infrared sauna.

This discovery and regular use of the full spectrum infrared sauna gave me the gift of my life. My body was able to detoxify the accumulation of lactic acid and relax out of the fight or flight state it had become accustomed to. After six months of use I was able to walk and engage in the normal everyday activities of a young mother. Today there is no evidence of chronic fatigue. I live in a healthy body filled with youthful vitality. I owe my life to the full spectrum infrared sauna and will be eternally grateful for the technological inspiration of NEOSAUNA. Kat D.


Thank You NeoSauna, You Have Changed My Life

Living in New York with its harsh winters caused me several months of depression from lack of sun. Using sun beds as treatment worked to some degree but created concern from the standpoint of unhealthy rays. I found a great solution through an infrared sauna. Thank you NeoSauna, you have changed my life. Cheryl Fitzpatrick

New York, NY

One of the Best Investments We Made for Ourselves

My friend introduced us to infrared saunas. I started to look in January of this year. I searched a lot of websites and reading on infrared saunas. Discussing everything with your staff and my husband who was very hesitated about getting one, we decided on the Newport Pro. One of the best investments we made for ourselves. I was scared due to the fact after a month having the sauna, I found out I was allergic to cedar. To my very grateful relief, I kept on using the sauna with no allergic reaction! Even my husband loves to go into the sauna either with me or alone. I am very pleased with the sauna and thank you so much for a great product. Theresa Troy


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