Why the Amount and Placement of Heaters Matters

Heater Placement 101

To become fully educated as a sauna owner, you will need to understand the importance of size and placement of the heaters in your infrared sauna. Typical infrared saunas deliver heat using somewhere from 1-14 carbon heating panels. When comparing saunas, the amount of infrared panels, the size of the panels, and where they are placed should be noted. The panels should be large and there should be many of them. The key is to be completely surrounded by the panels. The first thing a manufacturer will do to cut costs of an infrared sauna (other than using cheaper wood) is reducing the size and amount of heaters.

Front Panels

Glass makes the sauna look nice and prevents the feeling of claustrophobia, but it is very important to have plenty of heating panels directly in front of you, since it is important for the front of your body to absorb the infrared as well. You should always ask the manufacturer what the surface area of the heating panels are. If they don’t know, move on to the next provider, if they do, then compare the product to others.

One Person Saunas

We are often asked “Why don’t you provide any one person saunas?” Simply put, there is just not enough room to fit the front heaters in a sauna that small.

The front heaters are crucial to healing the front of your body, and the sauna would be far less effective without them.The same goes for your calve and floor heaters. They are not only necessary for healing your feet, but they also reduce any “cold spots” that may be created by the glass door. To test this, we conducted our own experiment by unplugging all of the front and floor heaters and using the sauna. As expected, it took 20 minutes longer to start sweating.

Why Choose Neosauna?

  • Near/Mid/Far Infrared
  • Himalayan Salt Walls
  • Chromatherapy
  • Low EMF Carbon Heaters
  • Premium Bluetooth Speakers
  • All Non Toxic Materials
I Owe My Life to the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

After spending my youth as an elite international level tennis player and long distance runner, at the age of 24 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. As the only parent to a young child, this diagnosis was unacceptable to me. My athletic career had saturated my body with lactic acid and my internal organs were unable to handle the toxicity. Coupled with the trauma of a physically abusive marriage, my body was depleted of vital life force. It was in my darkest hour that I discovered the full spectrum infrared sauna.

This discovery and regular use of the full spectrum infrared sauna gave me the gift of my life. My body was able to detoxify the accumulation of lactic acid and relax out of the fight or flight state it had become accustomed to. After six months of use I was able to walk and engage in the normal everyday activities of a young mother. Today there is no evidence of chronic fatigue. I live in a healthy body filled with youthful vitality. I owe my life to the full spectrum infrared sauna and will be eternally grateful for the technological inspiration of NEOSAUNA. Kat D.


Thank You NeoSauna, You Have Changed My Life

Living in New York with its harsh winters caused me several months of depression from lack of sun. Using sun beds as treatment worked to some degree but created concern from the standpoint of unhealthy rays. I found a great solution through an infrared sauna. Thank you NeoSauna, you have changed my life. Cheryl Fitzpatrick

New York, NY

One of the Best Investments We Made for Ourselves

My friend introduced us to infrared saunas. I started to look in January of this year. I searched a lot of websites and reading on infrared saunas. Discussing everything with your staff and my husband who was very hesitated about getting one, we decided on the Newport Pro. One of the best investments we made for ourselves. I was scared due to the fact after a month having the sauna, I found out I was allergic to cedar. To my very grateful relief, I kept on using the sauna with no allergic reaction! Even my husband loves to go into the sauna either with me or alone. I am very pleased with the sauna and thank you so much for a great product. Theresa Troy


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