Powerfully optimize your health and wellness through infrared sauna therapy and promote the totality of results by following a few expert tips on how to use an infrared sauna. To fully maximize your experience with Neosauna, consider following a few guidelines to assist in the creation of a transcendental emotional experience and physiological transformation.

The Neosauna is easy to use from a practical and technical perspective, and there are a host of actions you can take to prepare the body and mind to capitalize on your experience.

Coax the body through steady incremental increases in duration, temperature, and frequency of sessions to optimize the impact and benefits that infrared sauna therapy has on your health. Emphatically augment the results of your sauna sessions with steady hydration throughout your day, everyday. Engage the support of your conscious and subconscious mind through sound therapy and visualization. Understand the variety of functions available to you in your Neosauna, including Halotherapy and medical grade light therapy.

Take your time as you read through these expert suggestions, guidelines and tips!

Quick and Easy: A Brief History

Sauna therapy is a world wide ancient tradition: From before recorded history, humans have created heat therapy units. Stemming from a long lineage, Neosauna’s state-of-the-art technology is the most evolved sauna available today and is easy to use. Far from the arduous preparations of the first known saunas of East Africa, that involved days of preparation, the most current evolution in sauna therapy is profoundly effective and is effortless to use!

Most sauna therapies throughout history have been laborious in preparation, often steeped in time consuming rituals and protocol. Neosauna installs easily within the comfort of your own home and awaits you to enter in and steep yourself in a light bath of warm hues from the infrared wavelengths: All of this, is just a flick of a switch away.

Traditional saunas increase the body’s temperature by heating stones over a fire that are then imported into the structure. Unlike most saunas the infrared rays do not depend upon heating the external air, but rather heats the body up from the inside out.

Neosauna is effortless to use, simple in structure and highly effective in its cascade of health benefits.

Preparation Through Hydration

Preparing the body for the transformational experience of an infrared sauna begins with proper hydration. Detoxification protocols, including infrared sauna sessions that require profuse sweating on behalf of the individual, demands legitimate hydration both before and after the sauna.

Glass of Water

Ideally, hydration should begin several days before taking an infrared sauna. Most people do not drink enough water today, if you decide to undergo even a single infrared sauna session, consuming healthful water in high quantity is paramount.

At least, three quarts of water a day should be consumed by someone engaged in regular sauna use. The infrared wavelengths, including near, mid and far all penetrate deeply into the initial epidermis of the skin causing the body’s temperature to rise from the inside out. While this method of heat therapy is far more effective in its detoxification protocol it also tends to cause dehydration easily if the individual is not properly hydrated before the session.

It is important to drink the best possible water; tap water with a filter is acceptable. Water that has been purified through osmosis is not adequate to hydrate the body. Bottled spring water, mineral water, or tap water with a filter will hydrate the body adequately in preparation for taking the Neosauna.

After each sauna session be mindful of refueling with electrolytes or with mineral water if substantial sweating occurred during the session. It is through copious sweating that many of the health benefits of the infrared sauna are achieved, because of this fact it is necessary to hydrate the body before undergoing a Neosauna session.

Temperature Setting

Neosauna comes fully equipped with its own thermostat so that you can set your preferred temperature. As you begin your journey through broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy it is important to begin with lower temperatures to acclimatize the body to the heat. If you have little to no experience, with any kind of heat therapy then it is safe and advisable to begin setting your temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Neosauna offers the fastest heat time of any infrared sauna currently available on the market today. As you prepare for your sauna, all you need to do is heat the sauna up 10-15 minutes before. You are more than welcome to enter the sauna before the desired temperature has been reached, as the exposure to the infrared wavelengths is healthful unto itself.

There is no need to feel angst about increasing the temperature before you are ready as it is the light waves themselves, in communication with physiology that creates the health benefits.

Neosauna’ s capacity for heat ranges from 100-150 degrees Fahrenheit. As you make steady progress with the time you spend in the sauna you will naturally begin to increase the temperature. Remember, it is better to spend longer periods of time and more frequent sessions than it is to set a high temperature.

From the moment you step foot inside of your Neosauna, and the wavelengths of infrared light make contact with your skin the magical dance begins. Distinguished from traditional saunas, it is not the heat specifically that induces the positive responses in the body, but rather the interaction between the light waves and human physiology. Unlike times of old, all the health benefits of a broad spectrum infrared sauna are just a flick of a switch away.

Increase Session Duration Incrementally

It is recommended to sit inside the sauna for no more than about 10 minutes for the first two weeks. During this time period give yourself a day between each sauna session. By the third week, the body will be acclimatized to both the heat and infrared wavelengths. Rest assured that sweating occurs even at lower heat settings due to the nature of the infrared wavelengths and their depth of penetration into the epidermis.

By the third week the body will be well acclimatized to sit in the infrared sauna for 15 minutes. At this point you will want to begin to increase the temperature.

It is important to understand that the primary interaction is between the light waves of the infrared spectrum not the high temperature specifically.

Increased exposure of up to 50 minutes per sauna session is more important than the temperature of the sauna because of the nature of the ‘light bath’ rather than the traditional heating up of external air temperatures.

Eventually, when the body is acclimatized and provided you are properly hydrated, the Neosauna can be used twice a day for 50 minutes with the temperature set to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Hydration is key to creating the desired health benefits offered by the infrared sauna, particularly as you increase time and frequency of use. The minimal amount of water you should consume is 3 quarts a day with regular sauna use.

Clothing Optional

A copious amount of sweating occurs inside the Neosauna, as the body releases harmful toxins through your sweat. Any clothing you do wear inside of the sauna will be soaked through and could potentially clog the pores. It is recommended, particularly if you have an infrared sauna installed in your home, to enter naked. This will maximize the detoxification protocol so that every cell of the body can easily open up and release sweat.

Towel Use

Stack of Towels

You will not sweat a little: you will sweat a lot. Be sure to bring two towels inside the sauna with you and have one fresh one prepared for the after shower rinse. The first towel can be used to sit on so that your bare skin is not on the wood bench. The second towel can be used as a sweat rag to wipe falling sweat off the brow and away from the eyes. You will want to have some kind of cover to put on as walk from the infrared sauna to the shower.

Shower Protocol

After your Neosauna session it is advisable to take a shower. This will not only feel comfortable but will also aid in the detoxification protocol. In the shower it can be helpful to exfoliate the skin, as it is warm and the pours are open. Dead skin cells will easily wash away. It is also important to use a natural cleanser to remove any toxic build up on the skin. Be sure not to use anything too harsh, as the skin is open and vulnerable at this time.

It is recommended to bring a jade rock into the shower with you or any other tool that will powerfully exfoliate the skin. It is both satisfying and invigorating to remove the old skin cells in the shower. As you step out of the shower your skin will glow and you will experience a euphoric high.

Engage The Mind: Visualization

It is scientifically proven that drawing conscious awareness to the health benefits of infrared therapy will augment the positive long-term effects. It is recommended that you read the various articles on the Neosauna website to familiarize yourself with the physiological changes that occur to the body both during and after the sauna.

Once you are informed, it can be helpful to visualize the transformation occurring at the cellular level to encourage the physiological changes.

The autonomic nervous system will enter out of sympathetic (fight or flight) into parasympathetic (relaxation) dominance. As the body finds increasing states of rest, it is an excellent time to fall into meditation. As the body relaxes, so too does the mind. States of profound relaxation attained in the infrared sauna will give you the opportunity to gently pull the curtain between the conscious and subconscious mind back.

Every Neosauna is supplied with Bluetooth speakers so that you can play your favorite-guided meditations or take advantage of the state of relaxation to enjoy recordings of hypnosis.

Medical Grade Light Therapy

Neosauna is furnished with medical grade light therapy. There is a multitude of health benefits connected with exposure to the seven-patented light wavelengths. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the benefits corresponding to each light wave.

Neosauna allows you to control the light settings and the duration of time you spend with each color.

NASA discovered the many health benefits of light therapy as they attempted to grow plants in outer space without exposure to sunlight. Through experimentation, light therapy was found to be enormously helpful in cellular regeneration and wound healing, particularly with burn victims. It is now used as a highly proficient tool for anti-aging.

Medical grade light therapy is known to help with ATP production that serves to stimulate oxygenation of the blood cells to increase blood circulation. Exposure to the seven light wavelengths encourages intercellular communication, wound healing, collagen production, augmented elasticity of the skin and aids in the recovery of individuals suffering from acne.

You have the freedom to choose which frequency of color you want to work with during your sauna session depending on your needs, or allow the medical grade lights to circle through on their own, exposing you to all of the colors for equal amounts of time.

Halotherapy: Himalayan Salt Therapy

Trays of Salt

Neosauna provides a full sensory experience by incorporating the health benefits of saline inhalation. The ceiling of the Neosauna is lined with Himalayan Salt, the inhalation of saline solution is thought to aid in the treatment of bronchial infections. As you relax in your Neosauna, absorbing the infrared wavelengths into the skin, listen to your favorite guided meditation, while serenating yourself in the full color spectrum offered by the light therapy as you inhale the rich Himalayan Salts to assist in optimal pulmonary health.

Begin Your Journey And Reap The Full Host Of Health Benefits

It is exciting and invigorating to begin your journey of infrared sauna therapy. Neosauna provides state-of-the- art technology to promote safety and maximize health benefits. Be sure to begin incrementally with a low heat setting and build your endurance to longer sessions over several weeks.

Hydration of the body is necessary to safely enjoy the transformative powers of the infrared sauna. Be sure to drink ample fluids before and after your sauna. Hydration will aid to increase circulation and detoxification protocol.

Optimization of your health and wellness is a flick of a switch away. Sit back, relax and luxuriate in the multitude of serenating effects of Halotherapy, light therapy and sound healing provided to you by Neosauna.